Tapo D660

Smart Video Doorbell Dual

  • Dual Lens, No Blind Spots-Innovative dual cameras at different angles provide ultra-wide FOV over 180° and perfectly eliminates blind spots so you can even clearly capture the packages or pets on the ground.
  • 2K Definition-Delivers sharper images and more details with 2K high resolution to ensure you see whatever's outside your door clearly.
  • Advanced Package Detection-Notifies you when the video doorbell recognizes a package approaching your door or being picked up.
  • Person/Pet/Vehicle Detection-Smart AI identifies people, pets, and vehicles, notifying users as needed.
  • Anti-Theft Design-A built-in anti-theft switch will trigger the alarm when the doorbell is forcibly removed or damaged.
  • Quick Response-Respond to your deliveries without saying a word with customizable responses through the Tapo app.
  • Powered by Hardwire or Battery-Flexible power supply means you can place the doorbell anywhere you need.

Always Know Who's There

Smart Video Doorbell Dual

Tapo D660

  • 10G

    Dual Lens
    No Blind Spots

  • Auto


  • Package

  • Person/Pet/
    Vehicle Detection

  • Quick

  • Powered By


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