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RE700X Boosts AX3000 Mesh WiFi to Your Whole Home

By TP-Link Editorial Group

It’s not easy setting up whole home WiFi coverage with a single network device, even if you are using a cutting-edge WiFi 6 router. Luckily, your router doesn't need to work alone. TP-Link WiFi extenders work with almost any WiFi router to expand WiFi coverage.

The newly released RE700X helps expand your WiFi with lightning-fast WiFi 6. Like your WiFi 6 router, RE700X supports the latest WiFi standard designed to improve speed, increase efficiency, and reduce congestion in heavy-bandwidth scenarios.


What to expect from RE700X

  • Fast WiFi 6 speed

After upgrading to a WiFi 6 router, why downgrade your WiFi on the extended network? RE700X turbocharges your devices with fast WiFi 6 speeds, even on the extended network. It provides extremely fast AX3000 WiFi throughout your home, delivering WiFi up to 2402 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and 574 Mbps on 2.4 GHz. The more stable and high-speed performance will come in handy when it comes to your gaming, video streaming, and VoIP (Voice over IP) activities.

  • Connect with more devices

With WiFi 6, RE700X builds a more efficient network that quadruples the average throughput and serves more devices. OFDMA helps integrate the data of different end devices for higher efficiency, and Adaptive Path Selection automatically chooses the fastest connection path to the router.

  • Greater range

Equipped with 4 high-performance amplifiers, RE700X transmits strong signals to hard-to-cover areas of your house. Beamforming technology detects the directions of your devices and concentrates wireless signals towards them. Enjoy 4K streaming and gaming in whatever room you’re in.

  • Works with almost any WiFi router

Whether your WiFi 6 router is from TP-Link or another brand, RE700X can connect to it wirelessly and repeat its signal to boost WiFi coverage.

  • Easy setup and management

Like other TP-Link WiFi extenders, RE700X is easy to set up with a push of the WPS button. You can also set up and manage it with the intuitive Tether app or its robust web management page.

  • Seamless Mesh network

RE700X is more than a traditional WiFi extender. It works with a OneMesh router to create a Mesh network for seamless whole home coverage and centralized management. If your existing WiFi 6 router is on the OneMesh compatibility list, getting RE700X will offer you the bonus of enjoying a cost-effective Mesh network.


Check out RE700X on our official website for more details!

TP-Link Editorial Group

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