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Everything You Need to Know About Home Cameras Motion Detection

By TP-Link Editorial Group

Security cameras and other surveillance equipment are becoming the main deterrent to burglars worldwide. Home cameras should be a must-have for day and night protection when it comes to family safety. To better secure your home, your need to ensure the security equipment is reliable. Motion detection should be one of the essential features of reliable home cameras. Tapo smart home cameras with motion detection and instant notifications ensure you never miss a thing.

What is motion detection?

As the name implies, motion detection detects movements and captures what happens in a specific area. When motion detection is turned on, rather than recording 24 hours’ worth of video footage, the recordings will be triggered by moving people, objects – essentially, anything moving.

How does motion detection work?

The home camera's detection mechanism is based on image changes between different frames. The frame is one of the many still images which compose the complete moving picture. If there is a difference between the frames, the home camera will recognize it as a detected motion.

What's the benefit of motion detection?

You get to sort through less footage, for starters. Instead of sifting through 24 hours of recorded video, motion detection home cameras only record when triggered. This ensures you only have to review the most relevant events.

Even better, you will be sent an immediate notification from the home camera app the exact moment that the motion sensor is triggered. From there, you can watch the situation unfold in real-time, handle it immediately, and even call the police for help in time. It’s much more effective for home security compared with traditional cameras.

How to set up motion detection?

Tapo smart home cameras work with the Tapo app. In the app, you can turn on motion detection. A microSD card is needed for motion detection. Insert the microSD card and initiate it using the Tapo app. You can personalize your own experience, by setting motion zones to only capture what happens in the area you select and adjusting motion sensitivity.

Read this guide for detailed instructions if needed.


Is it possible to trigger alarms when the home camera detects motions?

Absolutely yes. With the Tapo smart home camera, turn on the home camera alarm function. When the home camera detects activities, light and sound alarms are triggered. It helps to frighten away unwanted visitors.

By now, you know almost everything there is to know about motion detection. Reliable Tapo smart home cameras are a good choice for your home security.

TP-Link Editorial Group

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