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5 Brilliant Ways to Use Smart Light Strips at Home

By TP-Link Editorial Group

Sometimes all it takes is a fun new gadget to transform your home. One quick, easy, and affordable way to upgrade your space is by adding smart light strips. Offering fun and useful features like creating schedules and designing your own light display, they can do a lot more than you might expect. Here are several ideas to share.

1. Light up your kitchen cabinets

Installing smart light strips under the kitchen cabinets has become a popular trend. Traditional overhead kitchen lighting can be too bright, harsh, and not effective at lighting up all of the dark spots in your kitchen. That’s where smart strip lights come in, adding brightness to the nooks and crannies of your kitchen.

2. Illuminate dark hallways at night

There are many options for illuminating and diming corridors in your home. Smart light strips make it easy to only go on with your preferred brightness and color at select times. Their compact size is very suitable for placement along baseboards.

3. Decorate with bright and brilliant colors for the holidays

Smart strip lights don’t care if you put up your holiday decorations months early or the day before. They can help your home look festive at any time of the year. TP-Link smart light strips offer in-app, predefined holiday light effects like “Candy Cane”, “Christmas”, and “Hanukkah”. You can use the light strip to line the interior window sill when decorating for the holidays, creating a joyful display for neighbors to admire.

4. Add a pop of color to a kid's room

Are you looking for ways to entertain your kids these days? Smart light strips may not immediately spring to mind. They can make for an enjoyable bedroom activity for kids. Choosing from over 16 million colors to light up the room will be the kids'  favorite thing to do.

5. Add mood lighting to your bedroom

Whether around a headboard or a full-length mirror, bedrooms are a great place for light strips to shine. You’ve probably got an overhead light and a lamp on your bedside table, but neither will provide the vibrant range of color options to match your mood like smart strip lights are. Through mood-setting atmospheres, they help you wind down at bedtime and start your day in the mornings.

TP-Link Editorial Group

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