Whether the Robot Vacuum Consumes Power When It Is Placed on the Dock

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Updated 02-04-2024 02:37:41 AM 14232
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In general, when a robot vacuum is on its docking station or charging dock, it may still consume a minimal amount of power.

This is because the dock typically provides a trickle charge to keep the robot vacuum's battery at an optimal level.

The vacuum might intermittently check its battery level and, if needed, replenish the charge to ensure readiness for the next cleaning cycle.

The power consumption while on the dock is usually significantly lower than during active cleaning.

You can check the vacuum's battery status anytime through the Tapo App.

For more details on the robot vacuum's battery and power parameters, you can visit the official Tapo website and refer to the product details page.

If you encounter charging difficulties, you can refer to the following FAQ for further troubleshooting:

How to Troubleshooting A Charging Failure on My Robot Vacuum

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