Using the HomeCare Antivirus features on your TP-Link Router using the TP-Link Tether App

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Updated 04-03-2024 01:37:21 AM 90190
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This guide will describe what Antivirus features powered by TrendMicro, are available in a HomeCare enabled TP-Link router, and how to disable/enable them using the TP-Link Tether app.

Malicious Content Filter

This feature will block malicious sites that have been listed in TrendMicro’s database.

Intrusion Prevention System

Protects your system and applications from external attacks and eliminates vulnerabilities. This is accomplished by detecting and preventing network attacks from known, unknown, and zero day exploits that infect other networks throughout the world.

Infected Device Quarantine

Prevents infected devices from sending sensitive information or security threats to clients outside your network. Also, protects your internal network from being further infected while you get the infected system cleaned.


Records the devices that have been successfully protected by the Antivirus software as well the source and classification of the attack.


Please connect to your router’s wireless network before following this guide.

Tether V 2.10 or higher required to use HomeCare features.

Step 1: Open the TP-Link Tether app, and log in to your TP-Link account.

Click here if you need help setting up a TP-Link Cloud account.

Step 2: Once Logged in, Tap the Icon for your router.

Step 3: Tap on “HomeCare” at the bottom of the screen and tap on “Antivirus”.

Step 4: Move the sliders to turn on or off the service.

Step 5: In the upper right corner tap on the “Page” button.

Step 6: This is where you can view your “History” logs.

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