How to Protect Your TP-Link Camera From being Stolen

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Updated 06-24-2022 06:24:13 AM 44781
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Camera Theft

Kasa/ Tapo cameras cannot be tracked and located. The camera and the video stored on the SD card cannot be retrieved in the event of a theft. It is suggested to protect your property with proper, strategic camera placement.

Tips for Avoiding Camera Theft

  • Place outdoor cameras out of easy reach.

When we install security cameras, the proper height is important. In general, the recommended mounting height is about 10 feet. This height is low enough to capture fine details but high enough to be out of the easy reach of thieves and vandals.

Use the Mounting Template and appropriate attachments to ensure a secure fit to surfaces.

Place your camera on a flat surface, or install it on a wall or ceiling with the provided mounting template and screws.

Tapo Camera Mounting Guide

Kasa Camera Mounting Guide

With the help of Motion Detection, security cameras record, and you will be notified instantly when it detects motion in its field of vision.

  • Enable the Alarm function on Tapo cameras to help monitor the surroundings.

Arm a light or sound alarm when motion is detected, which helps scare off potential burglaries.

  • Subscribe to Kasa Care/ Tapo care service, videos can be saved in the Cloud server.

Kasa/ Tapo care is an optional feature that provides cloud storage services for customers in need.

Motion clips are immediately uploaded to a safe place online where they can’t be deleted or removed by other people. If a burglar wants to remove any trace of their visit, that will be impossible with cloud video storage.

Kasa Care

Tapo Care

If My Camera is Stolen, Can I Still Access My Footage?

There is no way to recover the videos on the SD card.

For detected activity videos/clippings:

If the cameras are on the Kasa Care/Tapo Care plan, you could access them from the Kasa/Tapo app - even if the camera is stolen.

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