How to Link your TP-Link Router to Google Assistant

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This Guide will walk you through the steps of connecting your TP-Link router account to your Google Assistant via the Google Assistant smartphone app.  If you have not yet set up your TP-Link Cloud account click here. Please click here to see which model supports to work with Google Assistant.


Step 1:   Open the Google Assistant App,_11_37_54_AM_1498601000449p.png


Step 2: Tap SIGN IN and sign in with your Google account.


Step 3: In the upper right corner tap the "circle" button, click on “Settings”, then tap “Assistant”.


Step 4: Find “Home Control” under “Assistant”, click on it. Then tap the “Plus” icon.



Step 5: Click the "glass" icon and type in "TP-Link Router". Then tap the searched "TP-Link Router".


Step 6: Log into your TP-Link account.



Step 7: Now you can control your router through Google Assistant.




  1. More TP-Link router will support Google Assistant via firmware updates in the future.
  2. When using Google Assistant, you may need to enter a PIN code to execute some voice commands to avoid damage caused by improper operation, such as firmware update and change operation mode.
  3. On the Deco app, you can click on the three lines icon at the top left corner, then click on Friends of Deco>Google Assistant>PIN Settings to set a PIN code. 

Please click here if you want to know how to control the TP-Link router with Google Assistant.

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