Some frequently asked questions about TP-Link smart plug and smart switch

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For basic/advanced settings of Smart Plug/Switch, please refer to following FAQs:

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Q1: Can I plug in a power strip to the smart plug?

A: It is not suggested to connect a power strip to a smart plug. In general, a plug has a smaller maximum load capacity than a power strip. Furthermore, overload devices (for the smart plug) can be easily attached to the power strip without awareness, increasing the risk of product damage.

Q2: Can the Smart Plug/Switch control multiple lights?

A: Yes, they can as long as the total current draw and wattage does not exceed the rated amperage and wattage of the Smart Plug/Switch.

For example, you may use it to control you Christmas tree lights outside.

Q3: Does the Smart Plug block both plugs on the socket panel?

A: Possibly it does. Due to the design of the Smart Plug, it is recommended to place it in the top outlet so that the bottom one is usable. However, we do offer a new mini-plug HS105. This model is designed to keep the 2nd outlet on the socket panel free.

Q4: Can I use Smart Plug/Switch on my TV so that Alexa/Google Assistant/Home Kit can turn on/off the TV with voice?

A: No, most TVs go into standby mode when you turn them off. Since the smart plug shuts off all power once the TV is turned off it would need to be manually turned on after power is restored.

Q5: Can TP-Link Smart Plug/Switch work with Apple Home Kit?

A: EP25, KP125 and KS220 support Apple Home Kit.

Q6: Can I ask Alexa " turn on the bedroom light after 10 minutes"?

A: Yes, Alexa has a built-in timer function that will perform the action desired after telling it to wait an “x” amount of time.

To achieve this inquiry, you need to create “Routines” on the Alexa app, for details instruction, please contact the Alexa support.

For example

In Alexa app, when setup “Routines”, the trigger is

Voice: Alexa, turn on the bedroom light after 10 minutes,

The action is

Wait(Action 1):set timer to 10 minutes.

Device(Action 2):Turn on bedroom light

When you say the voice command “Alexa, turn on the bedroom light after 10 minutes”, the bedroom light will be turned on after 10 minutes.

Q7: Do I need to buy Smart bulbs to be able to control lights with Alexa using your smart plug/switch?

A: No smart bulbs are not needed. The switch will control whatever is on the circuit that it's installed on, and Alexa will provide voice control for that device.

Q8: Is HS200/HS210KIT a dimmer?

A: No, HS200/HS210KIT does not have dimmer feature. HS220 is a dimmer switch but it’s only two-way.

Q9: Can I manually turn on/off the lamp/other devices via the switch on the HS200?

A: Yes, when the HS200 is connected to the electrical system properly, you will be able to control the lamp/other devices in the system manually.

Q10: Can HS200 work at two wires circuit?

A: No, you will need at least three wires: Live, Load, and Neutral for the HS200 to work properly.

Q11: Can the HS200 work on two-pole switch as long as the other switch is always on?

A: Possibly, but only after some circuit modification. We don’t recommend you to do this, and can’t provide technical support for this kind of application. Should you want to proceed, we strongly suggest you hire a professional electrician to install it.

Q12: Can the HS200 switch be used in a three-way switch light combination (two switches controlling one light)?

A: It is possible, but only after some circuit modification. We don’t recommend you to do this, and can’t provide technical support for this kind of application. Should you want to proceed, we strongly suggest you hire a professional electrician to install it.

Q13: Can I use HS210 KIT with ordinary three-way switch?

A: Yes, but you have to connect only one HS210 to Line wire and the ordinary three-way switch to Load wire.

Q14: What's the dimmer type of HS220?

A: The dimmer type of our HS220 belongs to Incandescent/Halogen (forward phase control), based on TRIAC.

Q15: Can I install the TP-Link smart switch in a 2 or 3 gang switch box?

A: All of our TP-Link smart switches are designed with one gang and all of them have its original plate in the package already. Currently, we do not sell 2-gang/3-gang wall plate. Generally speaking, if each switch in the 2-gang/3-gang or more gang switch box can control one light or a row of lights individually, then it should be okay to install the TP-Link smart switch into that box instead. Before installing it, it's suggested to look for the specification of the smart switch first on our official website and check if the gang box's size is compatible with our switch.

Q16What is the relay type of Kasa smart plug and switch?

A: For the HS220 dimmer switch, it adopts SRC relay while for other Kasa smart plugs and switches, they use a mechanical relay

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