TL-WR902AC V3 User Guide


Q1.What should I do if I cannot access the internet?

If using a cable modem, unplug the Ethernet cable and reboot the modem. Wait until its Online LED is on and stable, then reconnect the Ethernet cable to the modem.

If you’re in a hotel room or on a trade show, the internet may be limited and requires that you authenticate for the service or purchase the Internet access.

If your internet access is still not available, contact TP-Link Technical Support.

Q2.How do I restore the router to its factory default settings?

With the router powered on, press and hold the RESET button for about 5 seconds until all the LEDs start flashing and then release the button.

Note: You’ll need to reconfigure the router to surf the Internet once the router is reset

Q3.What should I do if I forget my wireless password?

If you have not changed the default Wireless Password, it can be found on the label of the router.

Otherwise, connect a computer to the router via an Ethernet cable. Log in to the web management page, and go to Wireless 2.4GHz/5GHz > Wireless Security to retrieve or reset your wireless password.

Q4.What should I do if I forget my login password of the web management page?

The default username and password of the web management page are admin (in lowercase). If you have altered the password:

1.Refer to FAQ > Q2 to reset the router.

2.Visit, and enter admin (in lowercase) as both username and password to log in.

Note: You’ll need to reconfigure the router to surf the internet once the router is reset, and please mark down your new password for future use.

Q5.What should I do if my wireless signal is unstable or weak?

It may be caused by too much interference.

Set your wireless channel to a different one.

Choose a location with less obstacles that may block the signal between the router and the host AP. An open corridor or a spacious location is ideal.

Move the router to a new location away from Bluetooth devices and other household electronics, such as cordless phone, microwave, and baby monitor, etc., to minimize signal interference.

When in Range Extender mode, the ideal location to place the router is halfway between your host AP and the Wi-Fi dead zone. If that is not possible, place the router closer to your host AP to ensure stable performance.