TL-WR802N V4 User Guide

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Chapter 1 Get to Know About Your Router

This chapter introduces what the router can do and shows its appearance.

It contains the following sections:

Product Overview

Panel Layout

1. Product Overview

To meet the wireless needs of almost any situation you might encounter, the TP-Link portable router, with multiple operation modes, is designed for home and travel use. The portable size of the router means that you can put it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. The built-in adapter makes it perfect for travelers, students, and anyone else living a life on the go.

2. Panel Layout

2.1. Top View

LED Explanation




The router is connected to the host Wi-Fi network or internet.

Blinking steadily

The router is disconnected from the host Wi-Fi network or internet.

Blinking irregularly

The router is booting or updating firmware.

Port and Button Description




This port functions as the WAN port in Wireless Router mode and as the LAN port in WISP, Range Extender and Client modes.

This port is for connecting to the existing router in Access Point mode.

Power Port

Connect to a USB charger, power adapter or computer USB port via the USB cable for power supply.

Reset Button

Use a pin to press and hold the Reset button until the LED blinks.