TG-3468 V3 User Guide

Appendix: Troubleshooting

T1.What should I do if the adapter is not detected?

You could find and download the driver at

T2.How to find the hardware version of the adapter?

The hardware version is printed on the product label on the package or the adapter. There is a character string “Ver:X.Y” (for example, Ver:2.0) in the Serial Number field, and the number X is the hardware version of the adapter.

Visit and follow the second method to find the hardware version of the adapter.

T3.What should I do if PC cannot find the new hardware?

Check if the network adapter is inserted in the PCI Express slot properly.

Reinsert the adapter or try to change another PCI Express slot.

Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements for the adapter and that the latest Windows and system updates are installed on your computer.

Try restarting the computer or try using the adapter on a different computer.

If the problem persists, contact our Technical Support.

T4.How to check if I have installed the driver for my adapter successfully or not?

1.On your computer, please right click the Computer icon and go to Manage;

2.Open the Device Manager and go to Network adapters, and then find the corresponding TP-Link adapter, right click it and then go to Properties;

3.If you can see “This device is working properly.” in the red box, you have already installed the driver successfully.