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Harness the potential in your WLAN

High performance, resilient networks are essential for today's data-rich business world. The secret is getting the right WLAN configuration for high speed, secure and reliable wired and wireless internet connections for your whole business.

Whether you're an experienced networking engineer or exploring the world of infrastructure for the first time, TP-Link is here to help. Our team is on hand to help you pick the right products for your project today and future proof for tomorrow.

Expert Advice for the Perfect Network Configuration

Our Network Site Survey provides bespoke, best of breed, recommendations based on the network audit undertaken by one of our experienced network engineers.

Bespoke and Tailored

Your personalised report is packed full of real-world suggestions. After on site network survey, our team will advise between the simple management features of an Easy Smart switch or the additional L2 functionality provided by a Smart switch. We will even calculate the PoE power budget required and recommend between PoE and PoE+ switches to successfully power any combination of access point, NAS, VOIP phones or IP surveillance cameras.

With more than 20 years' experience delivering world-class WLAN solutions, our site survey ensures you get the right network foundation. It avoids over-specifying your hardware requirements and therefore adding additional, unnecessary and redundant functionality to your final configuration and consequently final bill.

Common PoE Deployments

A 2-in-1 solution, PoE gives you options. No longer hampered by the position of your electrical sockets, power over Ethernet means you are free to place wireless access points in the perfect position for maximum WiFi coverage. Not limited to ceiling-mounted access points, PoE devices range from IP cameras, VoIP phones, PoE LED lighting, PoE speakers to IoT doorbells and other IoT devices. The most commonly PoE is deployed in surveillance, VoIP and business WiFi solutions.

  1. Surveillance

    Works with IP Cameras

  2. VoIP

    Works with IP Phones

  3. Business Wi-Fi

    Works with Omada EAPs

Transfer Data and Power for Access Points

For a service as mission critical as business Wi-Fi, selecting the right switches to power the network is crucial. For many practical reasons Power over Ethernet is the most popular choice for powering wireless access points. To maximise the value from your investment it’s important to understand the diverse PoE switch landscape. To help demystify the jargon we have prepared a handy guide to help you pick the perfect switch.

What does TP-Link PoE Bring to You

  1. Comprehensive Selections

    Managed (L2+ , Smart, Easy Smart) and Unmanaged PoE switches, PoE adapters, PoE injectors, PoE splitters, and PoE access points are provided.

  2. Extend Mode

    Supports data and power transmission up to 250 m away, particularly ideal for surveillance cameras.

  3. Flexible Deployment

    Freedom from fixed power outlets provides more placement options and allows for deployment in complex encvironments.

  4. Lower Infrastructure Cost

    A single cable supports both data and power transmission. PoE solutions also require fewer power adapters.

  5. Intelligent Power Management

    Ensure the high priority port's power supply and protect the device from power overload operation.

  6. Advanced Function

    PoE support together with high-performance static routing, enterprise-level QoS, advanced security features and a choice of Layer 2 management options.

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To help you find the right WLAN for today, with the capacity to power tomorrow, TP-Link offers customers a Network Site survey service. Because each office and business is unique, one of our highly experienced network engineers will conduct a professional Site Survey to establish the current network strengths and weaknesses. Our engineer then prepares your bespoke report providing best of breed network solutions so you can achieve your business goals.

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