How can I get the invoice for my Tapo Care subscription?

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The way to get receipt of your Tapo Care subscription varies from the way how you subscribe Tapo care plan through.

Through Tapo App(Android)

Please refer to understand your Google Store charges & receipts - Authorization hold - Google Store Help

Through Tapo App(iOS)

Please refer to if you see '' on your billing statement

Through Tapo care website

Note: it will only list your billing history of the Tapo Care plans subscribed through Tapo Care website. Please go to Apple Store or Google Store to check your subscriptions if you using the Tapo on iOS or Android.

  1. Go to Tapo Care Web
  2. Sign in your Tapo account, and it will list the free trial and plans with the valid time.
  3. Click on your Tapo account in the upper right corner->Click “Billing History”
  4. Click on “” to get your Invoice.

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