Tapo H200

Tapo Smart Hub

  • Up to 64+4 Devices – Connect more devices (up to 64 switches*, sensors, or buttons + 4 cameras or doorbells) to create your home's smart ecosystem. Works with Tapo C420, Tapo C400, Tapo D230, and more.
  • Smart Alarm & Chime – Works with your smart cameras (Tapo C420, Tapo C400), video doorbells (Tapo D230, Tapo D200), and sensors as a smart alarm or chime when motion is detected or a visitor arrives.
  • 256 GB Local Storage† – Save recorded videos from your cameras or video doorbells to the hub-installed microSD card (up to 256 GB)† .
  • 19 Ringtone Options – Multiple built-in ringtones (up to 90dB) for your customized scenarios.
  • Low-Power Wireless – Helps your smart sensors and buttons last up to 10 times longer by adopting an ultra-low power wireless protocol.
  • Voice Control- Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for hands-free automation.

Smart Living Starts Here

Smart Hub

Tapo H200

Connect Up to 64+4 Devices

Smart Alarm& Chime

Local Storage

Up to 512 GB

Smart Actions

19 Ringtone Options

Low-Power Wireless

Schedule& Timer

Build Your Tapo Security Ecosystem

Smart living starts here with Tapo devices connected to your smart home ecosystem.

All Devices in One Hub

Connect up to 64 switches, sensors, or buttons + 4 cameras or video doorbells. More Products will be supported in the future.

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up to 64+4 Devices

Smart Alarm & Chime

Use the hub as a smart alarm or chime to protect your home security by coordinating with your Tapo smart cameras, video doorbells, sensors, buttons, and more.

Smart sensors or buttons sold separately.

256GB Local Storage

Save recorded videos from your smart cameras and video doorbells to an installed microSD card(up to 256 GB), ensuring you to never miss anything.

Ultra-Low Power Wireless

An ultra-low power wireless protocol significantly extend your usage ensuring battery-powered devices last up to 10 times longer.*

Reliable Smart Actions

No more fumbling in the dark with your hallway or bedroom lights turn on automatically as you pass by the sensor paired with your hub. Create more smart actions and enjoy reliable hands-free home automation.

  • Voice Activated

    Voice Activated

    Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant for hands-free life.

  • Schedule & Timer Turn off 23:00 Turn on 7:30

    Schedule & Timer

    Set your own schedule for multiple scenarios to get an automatic smart life.

  • 19 Ringtone Options

    19 Ringtone Options

    Multiple built-in ringtones(bark, siren, doorbell, and more) and adjustable volume for your customized scenarios.

Quick and Easy Setup

*Compatible with iOS 9.0 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher

Download the free app

Plug in & Set Up Your Tapo Hub

Add Tapo Devices & Create Smart Actions

Frequency 2.4GHz Wi-Fi & sub-1G
863.35MHz, 864.35MHz, 868.35MHz (for EU/UK)
920.9MHz, 921.7MHz, 922.3MHz (for US/AU).
Operating Temperature 0-40℃
Package Contents Tapo H200
RJ45 Ethernet Cable
DC Power Adapter
Quick Start Guide
Button RESET Button
Indicator LED System LED
Adapter Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Adapter Output 9V, 0.85A
Dimensions (W x D x H) 71.45*71.45*31.25 mm(2.8*2.8*1.2 inch)
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS, RCM

microSD card purchased separately.

*Tapo H200 only supports sub-g devices working in specified frequency bands: 863.35MHz, 864.35MHz, 868.35MHz (for EU/UK) or 920.9MHz, 921.7MHz, 922.3MHz (for US/AU).


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