Cannot make TP-Link smart devices work with Google Home

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Note: This troubleshooting FAQ is for the device that connected through Tapo/Kasa APP.. For matter devices, please kindly check this FAQ

Case1. Get error “No compatible devices” or some device do not show up on Google Home APP

  1. Check if the devices are available on Tapo/Kasa app. If no, please re-link them to Tapo/Kasa app.
  2. Speak the voice command “Sync my devices” to resynchronize the devices to google home.
  3. Reset your devices and re-link them to Tapo/Kasa app. Then re-link the devices to google.

How to reset Camera: Kasa | Tapo

How to reset Bulb: Kasa | Tapo

How to reset Plug: Kasa | Tapo

  1. If your devices still can’t be added to google home, please record the time of your last attempt to sync devices and contact TP-Link technical

Case2. Device is not responding to Google home APP or voice command

  1. Check if the device able to response to the Tapo/Kasa app:

Turn off Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data, and try to turn on or off the device on the Tapo/Kasa app. Please check if the device respond to your actions.

  1. Check the signal strength of the TP-Link smart device if the device has no response to the kasa/tapo app either. Please follow steps of part 1 in the link.
  2. Then follow the steps of part3 in the link to improve the network connection if the smart device’s signal is weak.
  3. Or contact TP-Link technical support if the smart device’s signal is fine, and record the Time of last attempt to manage the device with Google Home.

Case3. Get an error Oops! Something went wrong with the camera stream” when watch live stream of the kasa/tapo camera on Google Nest/Chromecast

  1. Check if the live stream can be load properly on the Tapo/Kasa app when use mobile data only.
  2. Please place your Google Nest/Chromecast closer to your router to get better network connection if live video streams well on kasa/tapo APP.
  3. Please refer to What should I do if I can't view the Tapo&Kasa camera? If you are unable to stream the live video on the Tapo/Kasa app.
  4. Contact TP-Link technical support and record the specific time of the last failure to stream the video on Google Nest/Chromecast.

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