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  • Rajah Hotel

    EAP225-Wall Providing Stable Wireless Signals Passing Through the Brick Walls of Rajah Hotel

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  • JFL Living

    TP-Link Builds Reliable and Stable WiFi Network for JFL Living in Brazil

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  • Felix Olbia Hotel

    Wireless Infrastructure & Networking Project in a Hospitality Environment

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  • Trigo Hotel KL

    VIGI Provides a Professional and Efficient Video Surveillance & Network Connection Solution for Trigo Hotel KL in Malaysia.

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  • Externato Frei Luís de Sousa

    Omada SDN—Professional network solutions of better quality and reliability to a school in Portugal

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  • Vilshofen High School

    TP-Link Brings High-Performance Mesh Wi-Fi to High School

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  • Primary School No. 3 with a Pre-school Division in Ustroń

    Quality Wired and Wireless Network are Offered by TP-Link to Fulfill the Internet Demands in all Classrooms

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  • Gen. Mariusz Zaruski Primary School No. 12 in Gdynia

    TP-Link Expands the Existing network and Provides Reliable WiFi for School in Gdynia

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  • Center for Agricultural Education School Complex in Bydgoszcz

    TP-Link Deploys WiFi Network that Created New Opportunities for all Users in the School

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  • Little Footprints Preschool

    VIGI Builds High-Performance Video Surveillance for Little Footprints Preschool in Singapore.

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  • New Era University College

    TP-Link Provides an All-in-One Network Connection and Video Surveillance Solution for New Era University College in Malaysia.

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  • CP Freshmart

    TP-Link Improves In-Store Customer Experience for CP Fresh Mart

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  • Sim Lim Square

    Singapore’s largest IT and electronics shopping mall, Sim Lim Square, deploys TP-Link Auranet Indoor Wi-Fi solution

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  • Many network technologies such as XGS-PON help Covid-19 Vaccine Center

    Many network technologies such as XGS-PON help Covid-19 Vaccine Center

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  • Regional Hospital No.1

    Providing Wi-Fi for Regional Hospital No.1 of the Tyumen Region

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  • Rotenburg Retirement Home

    TP-Link Builds the Bridge of Online Contact for the Older Generation in Retirement Home

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  • True ISP Education Project

    True School Project of the Thailand ISP Requires TP-Link WiFi Network Solution

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  • Hermann Commerce GmbH

    From site survey to after-sale support, TP-Link provided a solution updating the network and surveillance systems eased their work with high-speed wired and wireless connections and 24-hour reliable security.

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  • PTG Energy

    TP-Link Reliable Network Solutions for Petrol Stations of PTG Energy

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  • The Customs Department

    With continuous HD surveillance videos, VIGI provides crucial evidence for investigations, enhancing the Customs Department’s capabilities and credibility. This positions them favorably for future opportunities.

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  • Family Hospital

    Family Care Hospital Chooses TP-Link for Wireless Service Deployments

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  • Pruksa

    Pruska wanted to establish a comfortable and reliable surveillance system for its guests that supports existing security personnel

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