TP-Link Improves In-Store Customer Experience for CP Freshmart



Name: CP Fresh Mart

Industry: Retail

Location: All shops around Thailand


Used Products

• Jetstream Switches


• Omada Access Points


• Omada Controllers




CP Fresh Mart Retail Stores are retail stores that focus on cooking products in Thailand. As an embodiment of food that is fresh, clean, safe, and high-quality, CP Fresh Mart focuses on building convenience in accessible foods that are good in quality and fair in prices for all communities.

CP Fresh Mart Stores have a modern design, including not only comfortable sales area but mobile and internet services, which provide a customer-friendly shopping atmosphere.

From reliable WiFi to central management, and everything in between, the TP-Link network solution saves time, reduces operational costs, and simplifies IT management while improving in-store customer experiences, allowing CP Fresh Mart Retail Stores to focus on what matters most—the customer.



As a retailer, CP Fresh Mart faces challenges in providing the best experience for in-store customers (and employees), increase productivity, and simplify IT management. TP-Link offers a cost-effective networking solution that does the following:

  • Provide stable WiFi access to a large number of mobile devices in the chain stores.
  • Deploy and manage the network together with thousands of mobile and desktop devices from one central location within minutes.
  • Offer centralized and remote WiFi management services to staff.
  • Customize the guest WiFi experience with branded splash pages and social media integration, plus targeted mobile ads.



TP-Link Thailand provided a suitable networking solution that met all of the demands that were outlined by CP Fresh Mart.


Network Deployment

EAP225, dual-band ceiling mount APs, provide a full-covered wireless network to the stores around Thailand. The reliable and stable wireless network ensures in-store customer experience, which has always been a top priority for CP Fresh Mart.

Network Configuration

All EAPs were configured centrally by the OC200. The manager can assign the configurations to EAPs in batches easily with its built-in software controller and friendly user interface.

With easy configurations offered by OC200, CP Fresh Mart did not need to arrange extra training or hire additional network experts, since configuring and installing the network with the Omada dashboard is simple and intuitive.

Network Management

OC200 offers easy maintenance, ongoing monitoring, and flexible scalability. After all, shops should be for conducting business, not for practicing IT skills. As a command center and management platform at the heart of the network, OC200 brings centralized and remote management. Therefore, CP Fresh Mart can manage networks to save time and money.

Customized WiFi Service

To protect network safety, Portal Authentication can be configured to authenticate the terminals that try to access the internet. OC200 supports customized portals, which give the guest WiFi network with branded splash pages and social media integration, plus targeted mobile ads.



CP Fresh Mart has expressed immense satisfaction with their implemented solution. TP-Link provided a reliable network solution to improve customer experiences, which has always been a top priority for CP Fresh Mart. What impressed the CP Fresh Mart includes:

• Stable and reliable wireless networking—Created valuable store and online experiences throughout a buyer’s journey with the TP-Link network.

• Easy configuration and centralized management—Simplified IT deployment and management, which makes the network continuously respond to dynamic IT and business needs is just a few clicks away.

• Customized WiFi services—Empower your business with Portal Authentication.


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