Connect your TP-Link Kasa Device to Amazon Alexa

Supported models: Kasa Smart Plugs (HS100, HS110), Kasa Smart Plug Mini (HS105), Kasa Smart Switch (HS200), Kasa Smart Lightbulbs (LB100, LB110, LB120, LB130), Kasa Wi-Fi Extender+ (RE270, RE370).


Before we start, we need to make sure that you have TP-Link Cloud Account. If you don’t have one, please Create a Cloud Account for your TP-Link devices in the Kasa app to enable remote control of your devices.

Step 1: Sign-in to the Kasa app

Sign in to Kasa using your Kasa account. Make sure your account is verified and all your smart devices are saved to your account.

You can check that you’re logged in by tapping the menu button in the upper left corner of the Kasa App. You should see your account email address if you’re logged in.

Log in to Kasa

Step 2: Enable Remote Control for your devices

You need to enable Remote Control in Kasa for Alexa to discover your devices.

Go to each device that you’d like to control with Alexa and tap the settings icon and make sure Remote Control is enabled.

Enable Remote Control

Step 3: Set good device names

It’s better to use unique names such as “Bedroom Lamp” or "Aquarium." Without unique names, you will have a difficult time controlling specific devices using your voice.

Try to avoid using similar sounding names or appending numbers to your device names. Device names like "Lamp1," "Lamp2," etc. may prove challenging to control.

Set up device name

Step 4: Go to the "Smart Home" section of your Alexa app

In the Alexa app, tap the menu button and then tap Smart Home.

Open Alexa app

Step 5: Tap on “Get More Smart Home Skills” to add the Kasa skill

Go to Smart Home Skill

Step 6: Search for "Kasa" and, when found, tap the Kasa skill to enable it.

Enable Kasa skill

Step 7: Sign in to your Kasa account

Enter your Kasa account information (the email address and password that you use with the Kasa app) and tap “Authorize."

Connect to Kasa account

Step 8: Discover your devices

Tap “Discover Devices." Alexa will search for your TP-Link Smart Devices.

Discover devices through popup

If you aren't prompted to discover devices, you can also find “Discover devices” in the Alexa Smart Home page.

Discover devices on page

Step 9: All done!

That's it! Alexa will take a few seconds to discover your devices.

Once complete, you should see all your remote control-enabled devices in your Smart Home page.


You can now control your devices using Amazon Alexa. If you ever add more devices, be sure to tell Alexa, "Alexa, discover my devices" and she will search for any newly added TP-Link smart home devices.


If you don’t know how to control your devices using Amazon Alexa, please refer to How to control Smart Devices by Amazon Echo with voice commands? or go to Amazon Alexa Support page for further information.

This Article Applies to:
HS200 , LB130 , HS100
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