What to do if you cannot connect to your Deco remotely?

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Updated 10-20-2022 06:07:54 AM 136486
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If you are experiencing remote connectivity issues with your Deco, this article will walk you through basic troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues.

Step 1. Make sure your smartphone has internet access

Please check whether the mobile device with the Deco app installed has internet access or not when you are outside. If the mobile device does not have internet access, it will not be able to manage Deco remotely.

You could also try to use mobile data of your phone, or connect to other Wi-Fi networks to see if there is any difference.

Step 2. Make sure the Deco network is connected to the internet

1) Make sure the Deco is still powered on and connected to the internet access properly. The LED should be solid green/white.

2) Ask your family member to connect Deco Wi-Fi at home to test if the Deco Wi-Fi still works fine.

3) Try to power off and then power on your modem if there is, if it still doesn’t work, please reboot the Deco network.

If Deco does not have internet access, click here to troubleshoot.

Step 3. Test if you are able to manage the Deco network locally

When you are at home, connect your phone to the Deco Wi-Fi network, turn off mobile data and VPN on the phone if there is, then check if you are able to manage the Deco network locally.

If Deco WiFi has internet access but Deco App cannot manage the Deco network locally, please click here to troubleshoot the local access issue first.

Step 4. Try to change the DNS Server on the Deco App locally

If you could manage Deco network in the local network but not remotely, try to change the DNS server on the Deco app, and here is the instruction.

If above troubleshooting still could not resolve the problem, please contact TP-Link Support and provide the following information:

1) Your TP-Link ID and MAC address of your main Deco unit

2) Screenshot of the error message

3) Is local access works fine on Deco App when connected to Deco Wi-Fi network

4) Deco App logs: Launch Deco App>>>Menu icons on upper left side (three lines icon)>>>Support Center>>>Contact Us>>>Suggestions>>>Tick “Add System Logs (Optional)” and describe the issue>>>Submit.

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