Archer A7 & C7 User Guide

Chapter 11 QoS

QoS (Quality of Service) allows you to prioritize the internet traffic of specific devices to guarantee a faster connection when you need it the most. Devices set as high priority will be allocated more bandwidth even when there is heavy traffic on the network.

I want to:

Ensure a fast connection while I use my computer for the next 2 hours.

How can I do that?

1.Visit, and log in with your TP-Link ID or the password you set for the router.

2.Go to Advanced > QoS.

3.Enable QoS.

4.Enter the upload and download bandwidth provided by your internet service provider. Click Save.

5.Under Device Priority, find your computer and toggle on Priority. Click the entry in the Timing column and select 2 hours as the duration you want the device to be prioritized for.


You can now use your computer without lag for the next 2 hours.