Archer A10 V1 User Guide

Chapter 2 Connect the Hardware

This chapter contains the following sections:

Position Your Router

Connect Your Router

1. Position Your Router

The product should not be located in a place where it will be exposed to moisture or excessive heat.

Place the router in a location where it can be connected to multiple devices as well as to a power source.

Make sure the cables and power cord are safely placed out of the way so they do not create a tripping hazard.

The router can be placed on a shelf or desktop.

Keep the router away from devices with strong electromagnetic reference, such as Bluetooth devices, cordless phones and microwaves.

2. Connect Your Router

Follow the steps below to connect your router.

If your internet connection is through an Ethernet cable directly from the wall instead of through a DSL / Cable / Satellite modem, connect the Ethernet cable to the router’s Internet port, and then follow Step 1, 5 and 6 to complete the hardware connection.

1.Install the antennas.

2.Turn off the modem, and remove the backup battery if any.

3.Connect the modem to your router’s Internet port with an Ethernet cable.

4.Turn on the modem, and then wait about 2 minutes for it to restart.

5.Connect the power adapter to the router and turn on the router.

6.Verify that the following LEDs are on and solid to confirm the harware is connected correctly.


If the 2.4GHz LED and 5GHz LED are off, press and hold the Wi-Fi On/Off button on the side panel for about 2 seconds. Within a few seconds, both the LEDs shoud turn solid on.

7.Connect your computer to the router.

Method 1: Wired

Turn off the Wi-Fi on your computer and connect the devices as shown below.

Method 2: Wirelessly

1 )Find the SSID (Network Name) and Wireless Password printed on the label at the bottom of the router.

2 )Click the network icon of your computer or go to Wi-Fi Settings of your smart device, and then select the SSID to join the network.

Method 3: Use the WPS button

Wireless devices that support WPS, including Android phones, tablets, and most USB network adapters, can be connected to your router through this method.


WPS is not supported by iOS devices.

The WPS function cannot be configured if the wireless function of the router is disabled. Also, the WPS function will be disabled if your wireless encryption is WEP. Please make sure the wireless function is enabled and is configured with the appropriate encryption before configuring the WPS.

1 )Tab the WPS icon on the device’s screen. Here we take an Android phone for instance.

2 )Within two minutes, press the Reset/WPS button on your router.