A Mesh Network
Made for ISPs

Deco Mesh Network Solution for
Internet Service Providers

Ideal Products, Flexible Solutions

The Deco mesh network solution for ISPs is open to different types of internet service providers, providing highly-effective, flexible, open, and comprehensive networking solutions. Deco supports two different solutions for remote management based on your needs.

  •  Cloud-Based Remote
    Management System

  •  TR-069 Remote Management


Deco Cloud-Based Remote Management System

Accessible, Integrated Mesh via the Cloud

The Deco remote management system is an integrated, software-defined network solution for cloud management. It allows network administrators to monitor and manage all Deco products with a centralized management platform via the cloud.

Simple guidelines and real-time notifications of irregularities enable WISPs, SI, and small businesses—like chain restaurants or gyms—to easily control and manage their networks.

ISP Management Made Easy

  • Cloud Management

    Deco offers cloud access to its centralized management platforms. This allows for great wireless scalability and remote network management.

  • No Cost for Training or Maintenance

    No need for setup or maintenance of ACS servers. Take control of your network through a simple web interface—no extra IT training needed.

  • Absolute Control

    Have total control over the devices connected to Deco and receive detailed network information, including the real-time speed of online devices, the optimization status of Deco mesh, and notifications of upgrades.

  • Great Compatibility

    No need for customized firmware—Deco is compatible with general firmware. And all Deco models work properly with this system.

Deco Mesh: Fully Improved Network Experiences for Customers


    Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Coverage

    Deco units work together to provide seamless whole home mesh Wi-Fi coverage for small businesses like cafes or gyms.


    Seamless Roaming

    Deco units coordinate to create a single, unified network with IEEE 802.11k/v/r mesh protocols. Client devices automatically connect to the fastest Deco while moving around, delivering a truly seamless online experience.


    All-Time Support Just a Call Away

    Highly-trained technical support are dedicated for ISPs and end users of Deco with 24/7 multi-channel service solving any issue wherever you are.


    Flexible and Scalable Products

    The Deco mesh series provides customers with a wide array of products. Customers can always find what they need from Deco.

TR-069 Remote Management

Customized Mesh Just for You

Deco customizes firmware that supports the TR-069 protocol for ISPs all around the world. Armed with customized firmware, Deco for ISPs perfectly interacts with the remote control systems of major ISPs and provides reliable Wi-Fi for your clients.


(Auto Configuration Server)


TR-069 Remote Management

  •   Remote Batch FW Update
  •   Remote Configuration
  •   Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

ISP Management Made Easy


    Advanced TR-069 Protocol

    TR-069, a well-developed communication protocol, adopts an open object-oriented management information architecture. It has strong flexibility and expandability to meet your device management and configuration needs.


    Centralized Management

    Enables the network administrator to remotely monitor and manage all the devices with a centralized platform.


    All Related Protocols Supported

    Supports TR-098, TR-181, and TR-111 standard data models. TP-Link also provides customized service and tech support for ACS servers.


    High Reliability

    TP-Link products have earned a good reputation for quality and reliability over the years they have been available on the market. This ensures the cost of network maintenance becomes less of a concern.

Deco Series: Multiple Product Choices for ISP

  •   Deco X60

    AX3000 Mesh
    Wi-Fi 6 System

    Deco X60

  •   Deco X20

    AX1800 Mesh
    Wi-Fi 6 System

    Deco X20

  •   Deco M5

    AC1300 Mesh
    Wi-Fi System

    Deco M5

  •   Deco M4

    AC1200 Mesh
    Wi-Fi System

    Deco M4

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