About VIGI

What is VIGI?

VIGI /ˈvɪdʒɪ/ is devoted to ensuring the safety of your business with reliable products and professional solutions. TP-Link created VIGI to develop its business overseas in the video surveillance market. Based on TP-Link’s rich experience in the domestic surveillance and global networking markets, VIGI has gained trust from distributors and customers, and has supplied products and services to more than 36 countries and regions.

What does VIGI mean?

VIGI comes from “Vigilance”, which denotes constant awareness and alertness necessary to secure premises. The name demonstrates our commitment to providing continuous, structured watchfulness with a professional and reliable security approach.

Why Choose VIGI?

VIGI is standing on the shoulders of TP-Link, always moving forward. Intelligent functions and world-class support combine to protect your business.

  • Safe

    VIGI protects your interests and keeps your business safe, whether it’s your employees, property, or data.

  • Reliable

    VIGI designs, tests, and builds every product to be reliable for any situation. Our support and service teams are always available to assist.

  • Professional

    VIGI features cutting-edge technology to empower users with better control over their business, enabling greater flexibility and ease-of-use.

From United States?

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