TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro: Your Home, Our Care

    1. Real-Time IoT Protection

    Without built-in network security, your IoT devices are constantly exposed to risks and vulnerabilities when connecting to the network. Hackers can easily target IoT devices to spy, steal personal information, or even gain physical access to your home.

    TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro identifies IoT devices and immediately begins monitoring your network’s security performance once your IoT joins it. With a firewall, TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro blocks unauthorized access, encrypts your data, and protects against cyber threats and attacks.

    2. Powerful Antivirus, 100% Safeguard

    Cyber threats are on the rise, both in terms of destructiveness and variety. Sensitive information like bank account numbers, medical records, and passwords requires powerful network security. But many of our devices don’t have that, becoming vulnerable to cyberattacks. TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro with its powerful antivirus defends against such attempts to steal your personal information.

    • Malicious Site Blocker

    When new malicious URLs go live, TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro blocks them in time, protecting you and your family by automatically preventing access.

    • Intrusion Prevention System

    Identifies then blocks potential threats and fixes network vulnerabilities. TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro protects your Wi-Fi devices from new network threats each day.

    • End Devices Protection

    All of your home network connected devices, such as phones, laptops, and smart home devices will be fully protected from any cyber threats or attacks with TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro.


    3. Robust Parental Controls

    Can’t stop worrying about your kids being exposed to inappropriate content or being too focused on their tablet? It’s impossible to simply isolate them from the internet. This makes it particularly important to monitor and manage content and time spent online. TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro with its simple, intuitive Parental Controls provides an easy way to help you manage your kids’ screen time.

    • User Profiles by Age

    Easily set a profile for each family member based on age, and set custom time limits and online time allowances. Assign devices to profiles so rules extend to individual devices as well as family members.

    • Content Filter

    Keep your family safe online with one-touch security settings that block content based on age-appropriateness.

    • Time Limits

    Set limits on how much time each person in your family can spend online.

    • Records & Statistics

    Check out which sites your kids visit and how much time they spend online. It’s a great way to know they’re safe while having fun online.


    4. Comprehensive Reports

    TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro constantly monitors your home network security and performance, generates weekly and monthly Reports, and gives you Wi-Fi safety advice. Gain insight and better control of your home network, and stay protected with TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro.

    • Network Security Statistics

    Check the results of the scans and preventions against any potential cyber threats or attacks for your home network.

    • End Device Statistics

    Check for newly connected devices and closely monitor network security performance.

    • Internet Use Overview

    Get a complete understanding of your home network security and your family's online behavior.

    • Online Time Analysis

    Have a clear picture of how much time each family member spends online and receive browsing advice from TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro.

    • Browser History Analysis

    Discover which websites your family members visit and the malicious ones blocked by TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro.


    What’s more, TP-Link HomeCareTM Pro helps optimize your Wi-Fi network security in many situations. With QoS, you can assign bandwidth to the devices you use most, allowing them to run at their best. The smart signal offers an optimal Wi-Fi experience by automatically avoiding congested channels.


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