300Mbps Wireless N Outdoor Access Point EAP110-Outdoor

  • Built for outdoor Wi-Fi applications
  • Up to 300Mbps Wi-Fi with 2x2 MIMO technology
  • High transmission power and high gain antennas provide a long-range coverage area
  • Durable, weatherproof enclosure to withstand fair and foul weather
  • Passive PoE(Power over Ethernet) support and simple mounting design allow for flexible deployment and convenient installation
  • Free cloud centralized management and Omada app for ultra convenience and easy management
  • Secure guest network along with multiple authentication options (SMS/Facebook Wi-Fi/ Voucher, etc.) and abundant wireless security technologies
  • Supports management vlan for an enhanced network management

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*Maximum wireless signal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput and wireless coverage are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of 1) environmental factors, including building materials, physical objects, and obstacles, 2) network conditions, including local interference, volume and density of traffic, product location, network complexity, and network overhead, and 3) client limitations, including rated performance, location, connection, quality, and client condition.   

*Protection against lightning and electro-static discharge may be achieved through proper product setup, grounding and cable shielding. Refer to the instruction manual and consult an IT professional to assist with setting up this product.

Functionaliteit van de Hardware
Interface Snelle ethernetpoort (RJ-45) *1(ondersteunt passief PoE)
Knop Reset-knop
Uitgangsvermogen 24 VDC / 0,6 A passief PoE
Energieverbruik 6,3 W
Afmetingen ( B x D x H ) 209 × 95 × 42,6 mm
Type Antenne 2*5 dBi externe omni-antenne waterdicht
Weatherproof Enclosure IP65
Montage Paal/wandmontage (montagesysteem wordt meegeleverd)
Watch Dog Ja
Draadloze Functies
Standaarden voor Draadloze Netwerken IEEE 802.11n/g/b
Frequentie 2.4GHz
Overdrachtssnelheid 11n: tot 300Mbps (dynamisch)
11g: tot 54Mbps (dynamisch)
11b: tot 11Mbps (dynamisch)
Draadloos Zendvermogen CE:
<20 dBm
<27 dBm
Draadloze Functies Meerdere SSID's(tot 8 SSID's)
Draadloze radio in/uitschakelen
Automatisch kanalen toewijzen
Transmit Power Control (wijzig Transmit Power via dBm)
Load Balancing
Rate Limiting
Reboot Schedule
Wireless Schedule
Draadloze statistieken op basis van SSID/AP/Client
Draadloze Beveiliging Captive Portal Authentication
Access Control
Wireless Mac Address Filtering
Wireless Isolation Between Clients
SSID to VLAN Mapping
Rogue AP Detection
802.1X ondersteuning
64/128/152-bit WEP / WPA / WPA2-Enterprise,
Omada Cloud Access Yes
Omada App Yes
Omada Cloud Controller Yes
Auranet Controller Software Ja
Omada Controller Software Yes
Email Notificaties Ja
LED Aan/Uit Controle Ja
Management MAC Toegangscontrole Ja
System Logging Local/Remote Syslog Ja
Telnet Ja
Web-based Management HTTP/HTTPS
L3 Management Ja
Multi-site Management Ja
Management VLAN Ja
Certificatie CE, FCC, RoHS
Pakketinhoud 300Mbps draadloze N outdoor access point, EAP110-Outdoor
Passief PoE-adapter
Waterdicht rubber inzetstuk
Waterdichte antennes
Systeemvereisten Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10
Omgeving Gebruikstemperatuur: -30℃~65℃
Bewaartemperatuur: -40℃~70℃
Rel. Luchtvochtigheid gebruik: 10%~90% niet-condenserend
Rel. luchtvochtigheid bewaren: 5%~90% niet-condenserend