What should I do if my range extender does not extend the Wi-Fi coverage?

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The Wi-Fi Range Extender can increase the distance of your current wireless signal to cover the low wireless signal areas. If your wireless client is not getting a good signal from the Extender, you may follow this article to do the troubleshooting.


Firstly, check the LED of your range extender. If the LED Indicators on your range extender are green/blue, it means that your range extender is working properly. If there is still no range extension on your range extender, this may be caused by the position of the range extender or affected by the other factors, please do the following troubleshooting.


1.Adjust the position of your range extender

If your router is in position A and your client is in position B, please put your range extender in position C which is halfway between your wireless router and your client. Then connect your client to the range extender’s Wi-Fi to see if the wireless signal is improved.

Note: The ideal location to place the Extender is halfway between your wireless router and your client, but the extender must be within the wireless range of the wireless router.


2.If your range extender is in the ideal location, please check the WiFi name of your range extender. Different Wi-Fi names can help you distinguish the wireless signals of the range extender and host router. To locate your issue, please follow this link to change a different one: How to change wireless settings of TP-Link range extender on Tether APP


3.If the Wi-Fi name of your range extender is different from your host router and there is still no signal extended when you connect your devices to the extender, please try to upgrade the firmware version of your range extender: How to upgrade the firmware of my range extender (new logo)?


If the above suggestions can’t solve your problem, please collect the following information and contact TP-Link support.

  • The network topology (Please mark the position and distance of your router, range extender, and client.)
  • The model number of your host router and client


If the LED is abnormal (you can refer to QIG), it means that your range extender is not working.  You could follow this link to do the troubleshooting.

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