Kasa Smart Light Switches are the perfect first step on your journey to a smart home.

    Kasa Smart Light Switches Make Your Traditional Lights Smart

    Want to turn your traditional house into a smart home? One of the best first ways is turning your turn your traditional lights into smart lighting. Kasa Smart provides multiple solutions to take your first step into creating your own smart home.

    Kasa Smart’s HS220 dimmer is capable of dimming incandescent and LED bulbs, letting you set the right atmosphere for any activity. Other than the dimmer, the 3-way light switch HS210 KIT makes it easy to replace traditional 3-way switches commonly found in living rooms, hallways, or stairways where two switches control the same light.

    HS220: Set the Light Just Right for Your Life

    From dinner parties to late-night study sessions, control your room's brightness and set the ambiance for any mood or activity using the Kasa Smart app. Dim your lighting and set the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner with that special someone at your smart home.

    Kasa Smart’s Gentle Off feature allows you to fade off your lights with a simple double-click, or just set up your voice assistant to do it for you. Perfect for slowly dimming the lights as your child drifts to sleep or to give yourself enough time to get to your bedroom.


    HS210 KIT: Smarter 3-Way Switch

    Replace your traditional 3-way switches commonly found in living rooms, stairways, and hallways with a smarter 3-way light switch. The Kasa Smart HS210 KIT includes 2 smart switches specially designed to work together with 3-way switch wiring. Simply replicate the wiring from your old switches and your smart switch KIT will take care of the rest. The Kasa Smart app enables you to control your lights by simply tapping on your smartphone.

    Away Mode helps improve your smart home security by switching your smart lighting on and off at random intervals so it seems like you’re home when you’re actually away.

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