What are the most frequent asked questions about the 4G Mobile Wi-Fi?

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Q1: What is the function of the 4G Mobile Wi-Fi’s USB port?

A: The Micro USB port is used for power supply and it provides access to the file in the SD card for clients. What’s more, it can also provide internet access for windows computer through RNDIS technology.


Q2: What operating systems of computer support 4G Mobile Wi-Fi’s RNDIS?

A: For now, only windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 support RNDIS function. 

For windows Vista/7/8/10, the RNDIS is plug and play, which means you connect your computer to 4G Mobile Wi-Fi via a USB cable and you can go to Internet. 

For Windows XP, you need install the driver first (For details about how to use RNDIS, please refer to FAQ 758).


Q3: What file formats of micro SD are supported?

A: The 4G Mobile Wi-Fi support micro SD with file formats FAT/FAT32/NTFS/ESFAT.


Q: How can I visit SMS function using smart phone/pad/tablet?

A: Firstly, we can log in to the device’s web management page to check the SMS. Please connect to it’s Wi-Fi network and open the http://tplinkmifi.net page.

Secondly, we can also check it via tpMiFi APP installed on the smartphones.

For more details about the instructions to manage the device, please refer to this FAQ.


Q: What is the maximum number of wireless clients?

A: Normally, the M7350/M7310/M7300/M7200 supports up to 10 wireless devices simultaneous. The M7650/M7450 supports up to 32 wireless devices simultaneous. However, the specific number depends on your traffic load.

For example, if some clients in your network are downloading large file, most of the bandwidth and system resources will be occupied, then only a few clients can enjoy the network, but if all the clients just do ordinary web browsing, then the M7350 can handle about 10 clients simultaneously with good network performance.


Q: What can I do if the battery is broken on the 4G Mobile Wi-Fi?

A: If the battery dies, please refer to your warranty policy to request for a replacement as long as the device/battery is still under warranty. 


Q: Can I use the 4G Mobile Wi-Fi when charging it?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I buy an extra battery from TP-Link?

A: Sorry to tell that we don't have separate batteries for sale. If you want to use the MiFi device for a longer time, power bank is a good choice.


Q: Can I use the 4G Mobile Wi-Fi without a battery?

A: Please DON'T use the MiFi device without battery, it may cause imponderable damage, we set limits on software of 4G MiFi and it cannot be charged when battery is removed.


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