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What is TP-Link HomeCareTM ?

The only limits your Wi-Fi should have are the ones you choose for your family. TP-Link HomeCareTM provides comprehensive security so every device on your network is automatically protected from online threats. With HomeCare powered by Trend MicroTM , you have powerful parental controls, antivirus and QoS at your fingertips. And HomeCare is always on, working tirelessly to keep your network safe and sound. That’s a big reason why TP-Link HomeCareTM, powered by Trend Micro, is ranked first by independent institute AV-TEST in the categories of protection, performance and usability.

  •   Parental Controls
  •   QoS
  •   Antivirus

Adaptive Antivirus

To stay protected against the constantly changing landscape of online threats, you need a security solution just as dynamic. HomeCare provides malicious content filtering and intrusion prevention for your home network, as well as quarantine functionality of infected devices. An active database protects every connected device from more than five billion threats. Keep your devices and personal information protected from unwanted access with HomeCare.


    Malicious Site Blocking

    When new malicious URLs go live, HomeCare blocks them within 15 minutes, protecting you and your family by automatically preventing access.


    Intrusion Prevention System

    Exploits and vulnerabilities are common ways for attackers to gain access to your network and control your devices, from routers to smart home products. HomeCare protects devices from more than 100,000 new threats each day with an active Intrusion Prevention System that identifies and blocks potential attacks.


    Infected Device Quarantine

    HomeCare automatically quarantines infected devices it detects on your network, keeping your personal information safe and preventing the spread of viruses to other devices.

Customizable QoS

With QoS, you can assign bandwidth to the devices you use most, keeping them running at their best. Simple controls let you prioritize bandwidth for streaming, gaming, surfing or video chatting.

Application Priority

Optimize your network by assigning priority for favorite activities like gaming, streaming, chatting and surfing—enjoy what you love without lagging.

  Gaming Mode
  Streaming Mode
  • Gaming
  • Streaming
  • Chatting
  • Surfing
  • Download
  •   High
  •   Normal
  •   Low
  •   Off

Device Priority

Choose which devices always have the fastest connections or set priority for a specific time duration.

303 Mbps↑
179 Mbps↓
139 Mbps↑
55 Mbps↓
252 Mbps↑
100 Mbps↓
214 Mbps↑
91 Mbps↓

Powerful Parental Controls

Simple, intuitive parental controls make it easy to keep your children safe while they’re online.


    Easily create a profile for each family member and set custom time limits and online time allowances. Assign devices to profiles so rules extend to individual devices as well as family members.


    Keep your family safe online with one-touch security settings that block content based on age-appropriateness.


    Set time limits on how much time each person in your family can spend online.


    With Insights, you can check out which sites your children visit and how much time they spend on each. It’s a great way to know your children are safe while they’re having fun online.


HomeCare at Your Fingertips

Create personalized network settings for each member of your family with the Deco or Tether app, or through our browser interface.

Supported Models

Whole-Home Wi-Fi System

Router   *coming soon.

*More models with HomeCare are coming soon.