Archer AX10 & AX1500 User Guide

Chapter 8 QoS

This chapter introduces how to create a QoS (Quality of Service) rule to specify prioritization of traffic and minimize the impact caused when the connection is under heavy load.

I want to:

Specify priority levels for some devices or applications.

For example, I have several devices that are connected to my wireless network. I would like to set an intermediate speed on the internet for my computer for the next 2 hours.

How can I do that?

1.Enable QoS and set bandwidth allocation.

1 )Visit, and log in with your TP-Link ID or the password you set for the router.

2 )Go to Advanced > QoS > Global Settings.

3 )Tick to enable QoS.

4 )Input the maximum upload and download bandwidth provided by your internet service provider. 1Mbps equal s to 1000Kbps.

5 )Click Save.

2.In the Device Priority section, find your computer and toggle on Priority. Click the entry in the Timing column and select 2 hours as the duration you want the device to be prioritized for.

Done! You can now enjoy using your computer for the next 2 hours.