Kasa Camera: Your Next Security Solution

TP-Link bolsters its Kasa smart camera offerings with KC200 and KC125 to provide a perfect security solution for your home. KC200 brings simplified security to the outdoors, while KC125 guarantees your in-home security. Now you can watch inside and around your home.

The two cameras empower you with control of your place. They both feature:

Crystal Clear Video

Sharp and clear, wide-angle 1080p video makes sure you never miss a thing. When the action is far away, zoom in to have a closer look.

Night Vision

Kasa cameras detect activity up to 30 feet away even in total darkness. You can now feel safe at night.

Live View

Watch live video on the Kasa Smart app in real-time from anywhere or stream live video to any Alexa or Google Assistant supported display, including Fire TV or Google Chromecast.

Customizable Activity Zones

Control what alerts you receive by creating multiple custom activity zones around areas that are important to you. Feel secure having every corner under watch.

Crisp Two-Way Audio

The built-in microphone and speaker connect you directly to the action.

Instant Notifications

With motion and sound detection, receive activity alerts sent straight to your smartphone.

Besides these common features, both KC200 and KC125 boast their own unique features designed to make your life smart, secure, and easy.

KC200-Specific Features

As an outdoor camera, KC200 monitors activities outside your home, ensuring a safer environment. Its user-friendly design gives customers great flexibility and ease in how they monitor their homes and control their devices.

Easy DIY Installation

The included magnetic camera mount and mounting wall plate make for quick setup and allows you to configure your camera however you want. Configure and customize your camera for the best angle. Mount, rotate, and monitor.

Siren and Two-Way Audio

Use crisp two-way audio to communicate with the delivery person at your front door or use the siren to scare away intruders.


KC200's IP65 rating ensures your device will be protected against rain and dust.


KC125-Specific Feature

As an indoor camera, KC125 keeps an eye on your things and records activities all day without stopping.

Secure Local Storage

By inserting a microSD card, you can save your footage and playback with your Kasa Smart app. It's convenient to restore any video that's been recorded.

Both cameras are highly affordable and bring security to your home.



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