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Updated 11-01-2019 02:27:46 AM
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Introduction to OneMesh

Compatibility list of OneMesh


Q1. What is the relationship between OneMesh™ and TP-Link Mesh?

A1.OneMesh™ is a trademark for all OneMesh™ products, while TP-Link Mesh is a mesh technology from TP-Link. OneMesh™ network works based on TP-Link Mesh Technology.


Q2. How to set up a mesh network when there are more than two repeaters joining into the network?

A2. Generally we suggest connecting all the repeaters to the router for better performance. Customers can also connect one repeater to another repeater which already gets connected to the router, however we don’t recommend you to add more than two repeaters to one single link chain in consideration of the Wi-Fi quality.


Q3.Which mode should I use on my wireless router or modem router for OneMesh™?

A3. Wireless Routers support OneMesh™ only on Router mode. Modem Routers support OneMesh™ on any operation mode.


Q4.How do I set up an OneMesh™ network for different types of devices?

A4.You can use an OneMesh™ Wireless Router or Modem Router with several sets of Range Extenders or Powerline Adapters to create an OneMesh™ network. Be aware, you cannot create an OneMesh™ network between two routers.


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