Only the wired connection or wireless connection is not working

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Situation 1:

If the Wi-Fi is not working, please refer to What should I do if wireless connection cannot work on TP-Link Wi-Fi router?

Situation 2:

If the wireless connection is working but the Ethernet connection is not working, please refer to the steps below:

1.Check the corresponding Ethernet light on the router. If the Ethernet light is not lit up, it’s possible that the Ethernet cable or the port is not working properly. Please try another working Ethernet cable or LAN port on the TP-Link router.

For routers with only one indicator/LED, you may check whether the device itself has detected the Ethernet connection or not. If yes, go to the next step.

2.Reboot both the device and the router.

3.Connect another device to the router using the same Ethernet cable on the same port. If the Internet works on another device, then the issue should be on the original device itself. Please contact the technical support of the device for assistance.

4.Check the IP info on the device. The device should be obtaining IP address automatically, which is to say, for Windows, on the Network Connection Details Page, “DHCP enabled” should be “Yes”. For Mac, under Network>>>Advanced, “Configure IPv4” should be “Using DHCP”. If it’s not, please switch it referring to How to configure wired TCP/IP Properties of my computer(Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10,Mac)?

If the above suggestions cannot solve your issue, please collect the following information and contact TP-Link technical support.

1.A screenshot of the IP info on the device.

2.The brand name, model number, and operating system of your wired devices.

3.The model number and hardware version of the TP-Link router.

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