How to secure your powerline network by pairing

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All powerline adapters share some common factory settings, and can communicate with one another. If you want your powerline adpaters to communicate only with your own powerline adapters, you should pair them. Thus a secured powerline network is formed and other powerline adapters can no longer join your powerline network without being paired.

Note: You can only pair two devices at a time.

I want to:

Secure my powerline network and prevent other powerline devices from being added to my network. For example, I’ve extended my network using the Plug & Play method. Now I want to secure my network.

How can I do that? Here takes TL-PA9020P KIT as demonstration.

1. Verify all powerline devices’ Power LEDs are solid on.

Tips: We recommend that you plug in your powerline devices next to each other, or as close to each other as possible when pairing. Your settings will not be affected. The devices can be relocated to where they are needed once pairing is complete.

2. Press the Pair button on one of the powerline devices for 1 second. Its Power LED starts blinking.

3. Within two minutes, press the Pair button on another powerline adapter for 1 second. Its Power LED starts blinking. When the Powerline LED stays on, the pairing process is complete.


Enjoy your secure powerline network!

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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