Co zrobić, jeżeli aplikacja Deco nie działa prawidłowo?

If Something Goes Wrong
Updated 10-23-2019 13:09:36 PM 89937
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If there’s something wrong with the Deco app, please try to do the below troubleshooting based on the problem you have.

Q: Can’t install the Deco app successfully

Deco app requires Android 4.3 or higher/iOS 8.0 or higher OS version on your mobile device. If you encounter any installation problems, please kindly check and update the OS version on your mobile device.


Q: Deco app has crash issue

1. Uninstall the Deco app, then reinstall the latest Deco app on your phone.

2. Install the Deco app on another phone for a try.


Q: Fail to login with TP-Link ID

1. Open a browser and search something on the phone, make sure the phone has internet access.

2. Connect the phone to the other Wi-Fi network for a try.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the latest Deco app, then open the app and login.

The app will ask for WLAN/Cellular permission during this process, please kindly tick allow.

4. Use a different phone to download and install the Deco app, then try to log into the Deco app again.


If above suggestions can’t solve your problem, it’s suggested to contact TP-Link support.

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