How to Mount Your Tapo Pan & Tilt Camera to a Wall

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This article will show you how to mount your camera to the wall, and how to remove your camera from the camera base.

NOTE: Please install the camera base on the wall first. Do NOT install the camera base directly into the camera.

How to Mount Your Camera

1. Mark Position

Place the mounting template where you want the camera. For wall mounting, drill two holes through two circles.

2. Mount Base

Affix the camera base using the screws.

For wall mounting, insert two anchors into the holes and use the screws to affix the camera base over the anchors.

3. Secure Camera

Attach the camera on the base and rotate clockwise to secure the camera.

How to Uninstall Your Camera

Option 1: If you mounted it on the wall

Hold the main body of the camera, then rotate anticlockwise to remove the camera from the camera base.

Option 2: If you didn’t mount it on the wall (For newly designed camera base)

Insert a coin to the camera base, then rotate anticlockwise to remove the camera base from the camera.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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