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  • TSUI WAH Restaurant

    TP-LINK Helps TSUI WAH Restaurant Provide Wi-Fi Coverage in Hong Kong

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  • Tang Palace Restaurant

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage for Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant in Dubai

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  • Texas Roadhouse

    TP-Link Helps Texas Roadhouse Build Reliable Network

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  • Emirates Hills - Villa 23

    TP-LinkHelps Emirates Hills-Villa 23 Build a Reliable and Efficient Network

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  • Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage to the Staff Accommodation in Dubai

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  • Staff Accommodation for Roda Hotels

    TP-Link Helps Employees of Roda Hotels Stay Connected

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  • Epic Hotel Group Greece

    TP-Link Wi-Fi Network Solution in 3 State-Of-The-Art Hotels of the Epic Hotel Group, Greece

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  • Wi-Fi in hotel complex

    “Izmailovo” hotel management use EAP and switches to equip the rooms and other premises with Internet access.

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  • StayHere Hotel Chooses Omada for Reliable Business WiFi

    Omada networking solution provides reliable business WiFi with centralized management capability for the StayHere Hotel in 12 sites across Morocco.

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  • Althea Village Greece

    TP-Link Connects Communities with Reliable and Intelligent Infrastructure

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  • Mercure Hotel

    TP-Link Helps Mercure Hotel Build a Reliable Wi-Fi Network Everywhere

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  • St Martin Development

    TP-Link Provides Reliable Network for St Martin Development of Sun Hung Kai

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  • City Seasons Hotel

    Improving Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty with Great Wi-Fiat City Seasons Hotel

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  • Shuraa Facilities Management LLC

    Shuraa Facilities Management LLC Chooses TP-link for Wireless Service Deployments

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  • Hotel Mary Colombia

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage to Economy Hotels in Colombia

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  • Kos Aktis Art Hotel

    TP-Link Provides Better Wi-Fi for the Unique Destination in Greece

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  • Barranquilla Plaza Hotel

    TP-Link Helps Barranquilla Plaza Hotel Build a Reliable and Efficient Network

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  • Al Hayat Hotel

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage toAl Hayat Hotel Apartments in Sharjah

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  • De Blinkerd Schoorl

    Er is gekozen voor de ‘TP-link Omada WiFi Cloud solution’. Deze oplossing van TP-link voor WiFi gebaseerd op Cloud beheer technologie biedt een zeer groot gebruiksgemak en vult alle behoefte van ‘De Blinkerd’ in. Zowel vanuit het perspectief van beveiliging, QoS, stabiliteit, scheiding van de diverse netwerken (VLAN’s), TCO en beheer op afstand is met de Omada oplossing mogelijk.

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  • Hannam University Domitory

    TP-Link offers convenient and reliable Wi-Fi networking in the dormitories of Hannam University, a recognized private university located in Daejeon, South Korea.

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  • Habitat School

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage to Habitat Ajman School in Ajman, UAE

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  • Calasanz School

    TP-Link Helps Calasanz School Provide Wireless Coverage in Colombia

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  • Cloudwise levert TP-Link switches aan een school

    Cloudwise levert TP-Link switches aan een school

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  • Chase Grammar School

    TP-Link Helps Chase Grammar School Accelerate Learning with BYOD

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  • Intertoys Speelgoedwinkels

    TP-Link voorziet meer dan 200 Intertoys speelgoedwinkels van Omada Wi-Fi 6 access points.

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  • Many network technologies such as XGS-PON help Covid-19 Vaccine Center

    Many network technologies such as XGS-PON help Covid-19 Vaccine Center

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  • Regional Hospital No.1

    Providing Wi-Fi for Regional Hospital No.1 of the Tyumen Region

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  • ISP Citynet

    TP-Link Offered Citynet Reliable and High-Speed Data Transfer for Network Service

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  • The Customs Department

    With continuous HD surveillance videos, VIGI provides crucial evidence for investigations, enhancing the Customs Department’s capabilities and credibility. This positions them favorably for future opportunities.

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  • East European Comic Con

    TP-Link Provides Internet Access for East European Comic Con for the Fourth Year Running

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    TP-Link Provides Reliable Networking Service for PGL Major Kraków

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  • Sunleaves Zonnepanelen gebruikt TP-Link PLC

    Sunleaves Zonnepanelen gebruikt TP-Link PLC

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  • TV Skyline

    TP-Link Offered TV Skyline Reliable Data Transfer and Failure Safety for Live Broadcasting

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  • Family Hospital

    Family Care Hospital Chooses TP-Link for Wireless Service Deployments

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  • Soborka ISP

    TP-Link Helps ISP Soborka Provide Better Service for Subscribers

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  • Peru WISP

    TP-Link Helps WISP to Provide Reliable Wireless Connectivity in Peru

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  • ADINET WISP in Indonesia

    TP-Link Helps Local WISP Provide Long Distance Wireless Connectivity in Indonesia

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