TP-Link Provides an All-in-One Network Connection and Video Surveillance Solution for New Era University College in Malaysia.



  • Name: New Era University College
  • Industry: Education
  • Capacity: New Dormitory with 13 Floors, 134 Hostel Rooms, Designed for5-Person Occupancy per Room.
  • Location: Selangor, Malaysia


Used Products

  • VIGI Network Cameras

VIGI C400HP × 12

VIGI C400 × 30

VIGI C300 × 10

  • VIGI Network Video Recor ders

VIGI NVR1016H × 3

VIGI NVR1008 × 2

  • TP-Link Switches

TL-SG3428XMP × 10

TL-SF1009P × 7

TL-SX3016FX × 2

  • SFP+ Transceiver

TL-SM5110-SR × 26 

  • Software

Omada Software Controller

VIGI App / VIGI Security Manager



New Era University College started as New Era College in 1998. The college came about from many years of effort and unwavering support from the Chinese community. On 30 December 2016, New Era was upgraded to the university college status by the Ministry of Higher Education. With that, NEUC was ready and able to play an even bigger role as a provider of quality community-orientated tertiary education to serve not only the needs of the community, but also that of the whole nation.

The New Era University College (NEUC) hostel building opened its doors on 7 October 2000 after its 10-month construction with the hostel block following in January 2001. There are 13 floors with 134 hostel rooms designed for 5-person occupancy. Each hostel room has a washroom, a bathroom, a balcony, and internet access. The hostel building features 24-hour security and CCTV system.



The New Era University College sought a budget friendly solution which integrated a stable wireless connection and surveillance system. TP-Link provided a customized and professional solution based on their requirements and on-site environment.



Surveillance Requirements


  • 24/7 crystal-clear and full-color video monitoring
  • Support for indoor & outdoor surveillance without blind spots
  • Flexibly adopted in both large and narrow areas
  • VIGI cameras with 3MP offer more than enough pixels to pick up some of the more hard-to-see details. And a robust night vision system ensures cameras perform well in low-light conditions and records what’s happening in the college. Therefore, VIGI cameras provide around-the-clock reliable protection.
  • VIGI’s professional Smart Video Enhancement (SmartVid) technology greatly improves image quality, including WDR, 3D DNR, and Smart IR.
  • VIGI bullet cameras perform well in outdoor environments with rain and dust thanks to reliable IP67 weatherproofing. Meanwhile, VIGI turret cameras are suitable for indoor areas like classrooms, corridors, and offices. As a result, VIGI cameras fully satisfy customers' needs for monitoring without blind spots.
  • Equipped with different fixed lenses, VIGI cameras are flexibly applied to monitor small areas where a wide view is required (elevators, corridors, offices, etc.), and large areas with narrow, long-distance views required (playgrounds, parking lots, dining halls, etc.).   
  • Actively detect and deter various security issues
  • Deliver real-time alarms to security guards for timely event handling
  • VIGI cameras provide smart detection to ensure safety at the college, such as area intrusion, line-crossing, and motion detection. Once a camera detects someone crossing a preset boundary or entering a preset area, it will push notifications to security guards immediately. As a result, security personnel can identify problems earlier and minimize their impact.
  • Video footage must be stored for a long time to satisfy post-event retrieval needs
  • Quick video playback
  • High-definition video output and multi-channel live view
  • Sufficient bandwidth
  • VIGI network video recorders support large storage disks (up to 10 TB for each HDD). And VIGI cameras also support on-board storage with an SD card slot (up to 256 GB).
  • Smart video coding (H.265+/H.264+) saves high-quality footage while taking up less space.
  • Quick lookup and playback enables security to locate target footage easily by date, event types, and tags. This will greatly reduce labor cost and increase event backtracking efficiency.
  • VIGI NVR1016H offers 4K HDMI video output and a 16-channel display while VIGI NVR1008 provides 5MP HDMI video output and an 8-channel display. This way, security guards will capture every detail, from every angle.
  • 80 Mbps video access bandwidth ensures the NVR connects more cameras with high resolution.
  • Remote Monitoring
  • The dedicated VIGI Security Manger, VIGI app, and NVR UI enable remote monitoring, such as live view display, footage search & playback, alarm checking, smart detection functionality, and more. Personnel can take full control over college security—whenever, wherever.
  • Flexible installation and deployment with lower costs


  • VIGI bullet and turret cameras with compact design support quick installation, including ceiling mounting, wall mounting, and pole mounting.
  • Ethernet cables transmit data and power up VIGI PoE cameras in conjunction with TP-Link PoE switches for surveillance at the same time. This greatly lowers infrastructure costs and reduces possible fire or power surge hazards.
  • With extend mode, the PoE switches enable transmission distance up to 250 m. This is perfect for IP Camera deployment in large areas, such as lobbies, parking lots, and restaurants.

Network Connection Requirements


  • Stable & high-speed wired and wireless connections for multiple devices
  • Backed by a dedicated high-power amplifier and professional antennas along with the latest generation 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology, dual band Access Points provide superior Wi-Fi speeds and performance.
  • Seamless Roaming enables clients to automatically switch to the access point with the optimal signal, ensuring clients work uninterrupted.
  • Coupled with intelligent features in channel selection and auto transmission, the Access Points are optimized to work in environments with the least interference, enabling students to enjoy stable wireless connectivity for their e-learning classes.
  • Reliable and lightning-fast wired connections and non-blocking switching capacity are provided with 10 Gbps SFP+ ports.
  • High-density Wi-Fi deployment in the areas with high density, such as classrooms and dormitories
  • Omada Wi-Fi 5 Access Points improve efficiency and ensure top-tier performance for indoor/outdoor places with high-density clients.
  • Easy-management authentication methods to authorize the access of teachers, students, and visitors
  • Provide secure Wi-Fi access to authorized users (students, teachers, etc.) with multiple authentications options.
  • High network security to ensure academic data security
  • Multiple security features build a highly scalable and secure network, including features such as IP-MAC-Port Binding, ACL, Port Security, DoS Defense, Storm Control, DHCP Snooping, 802.1X, and Radius Authentication.
  • Remote management to be available for administrators and security personnel
  • The Omada Software Controller centrally manages the access points, switches, IP cameras, and more, allowing administrators and security personnel to keep track of the network status anywhere, anytime.
  • Minimal wiring would maintain a high-quality architectural layout and design
  • Quick deployment with flexible and simple installation
  • PoE switches offer flexible deployment for wireless access points and IP cameras, lowering infrastructure costs for the whole project. The Omada EAP Series and VIGI cameras also support PoE for flexible installation. There is no need to install additional wiring in the building. By plugging in existing Ethernet cables, all is set.
  • SFP+ Transceivers extend transfer distances based on 10 Gbps Ethernet connectivity, making deployment effortless and flexible.
  • Access Points support for wall mounting, pole mounting and ceiling mounting reduce installation hassles.
  • EAP245 and EAP620 HD are suitable for indoor environment while EAP225-Outdoor equipped with a resilient weatherproof enclosure is ideal for harsh outdoor conditions.

Other Requirements


  • One stop solution for both VIGI security and Omada networking
  • Professional and efficient one-stop services, including site surveys, customized solutions, product supply, product deployment, and support & warranty provide customers with peace of mind.




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