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TP-Link PoE Switches

TP-Link PoE


Simplified Network Deployment in Remote Areas without Power Outlets

What Is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows network switches to transmit both power and data through an Ethernet cable simultaneously.

PoE Switch
Access Point

Why Do You Need PoE Switches?

The benefits of PoE switches have become more evident with the rapid expansion of network-connected devices. They offer more effective solutions for connecting numerous PoE-compatible devices like VoIP, IP cameras, and access points—meeting the demands of most common business scenarios.

Benefits of Using PoE



    No need for additional cables and power adaptersreduce costs on infrastructure.



    More placement options allow for deployment in complex environments.



    A centralized switch can manage power allocation to all devices.



    Simplify the installation and streamline the deployment—no need for electricians.

PoE Standards

PoE switches are separated by their supported standards. As the chart shows, PoE and PoE+ can provide up to 15.4 W and 30 W of DC power to your devices separately.


What Can You Power with PoE Switches?

PoE Switch
IP Phones (PoE supported)
Wireless Access Points (PoE supported)
   IP Camera (PoE supported)

Help You Choose

More than providing basic features, TP-Link PoE switches offer value well beyond general networking demands. They create a versatile and reliable network to grow your business.

Answer some short questions and we’ll show you the switches that best fit your needs.


Let’s Start


Managed Cloud Switches

PoE Ports 4 GE 8 GE 8 GE 24 GE 24 GE
Non-PoE Ports 4 GE 2 SFP 2 SFP 4 SFP 4 SFP
PoE Standard 802.3af/at 802.3af/at 802.3af/at 802.3af/at 802.3af/at
PoE Power Budget 62 W 61 W 150 W 250 W 384 W
Centralized Management Omada SDN Omada SDN Omada SDN Omada SDN Omada SDN

Easy Smart Switches

PoE Ports 4 GE 8 GE 16 GE 24 GE
Non-PoE Ports 4 GE 8 GE 2 Combo 2 GE + 2 SFP
PoE Standard 802.3af/at 802.3af/at 802.3af/at 802.3af/at
PoE Power Budget 64 W 150 W 250 W 250 W
PoE Auto Recovery Yes Yes Yes Yes

Plug & Play Switches

PoE Ports 4 FE 4 FE 8 FE 4 GE
Non-PoE Ports 1 FE 2 FE 1 FE 1 GE
PoE Standard 802.3af 802.3af/at 802.3af/at 802.3af/at
PoE Power Budget 41 W 67 W 65 W 65 W
Fanless Design Yes Yes Yes Yes


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PoE Switches Flyer

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