TP-Link Releases HomeShield Powered by Avira for Premium Home Network Security and IoT Devices Protection

    Shenzhen, China — January 15, 2021 — TP-Link International Limited, the World's No.1 WiFi Product Provider, is releasing the advanced home network security service, TP-Link HomeShield powered by Avira, on its WiFi routers and Deco Mesh WiFi Systems. As its name suggests, HomeShield is a robust shield for home network security, providing reliable IoT devices protection, real-time network safeguards, robust parental controls, and customizable quality of service.

    Smart homes, with their assortment of unmonitored and unsecured devices, are a privacy and security nightmare. Unsecured devices can be used by hackers to exfiltrate private information from the home, and use hijacked devices to launch Mirai-inspired attacks on other internet users The risks are compounded by devices being rushed to market with vulnerabilities that users are not aware of or able to patch. Even the American FBI has warned about the hacking and privacy risks that come with smart TVs.

    Routers are the digital gateway to smart homes and are the perfect device to enable visibility and control over the network. By empowering the router, smart devices within the network can be continuously monitored and protected, creating a new layer of security that prevents hackers from exploiting vulnerable IoT devices.


    On the hunt for the vulnerable and exposed

    Cybercriminals look for every opportunity and are constantly on the hunt for unprotected and exposed smart devices — a quest made even easier by devices with hard-coded or difficult-to-change credentials. A honeypot set up by Avira threat researchers recorded its first attacks within five minutes of being connected to the internet.

    Even worse, many of these attacks were not sophisticated ones. Attacks targeting devices with blank or empty credentials made up 25.6% of the total, followed by 23.4% targeting weak or default credentials. Parallel to this, a quarter of the IoT malware attacks showed hackers zeroing in on known vulnerabilities — mirroring a common malware strategy for computers.


    Privacy and security sized for your smart home

    TP-Link has been committed to improving customers’ internet experience, stability, speed, and security for 24 years. Awareness of vulnerabilities built into smart homes drew TP-Link and Avira together as they developed the HomeShield security suite. This solution is sited at the router level — the best place to ensure gateway security for an entire host of smart devices. Powered by Avira’s “engineered-in-Germany” AI technology and deep antivirus experience, HomeShield starts by securing the WiFi gateway to the home and continues to protect the home network and all devices.

    HomeShield protects all connected devices in the home network against external and internal attacks and blocks incoming threats with its malicious content filter. Within the network, HomeShield identifies and blocks suspicious behavior from individual devices and flags invasive tracker activity. Its DDoS protection prevents devices from joining malicious botnets and being misused to knock targeted sites off the internet. These extensive features are driven by advanced machine learning techniques to give users a nearly hands-free secure online experience. 


    Drive faster, drive even more securely

    Combining TP-Link’s router expertise with Avira's security experience is a clear win-win situation for users.

    “We are thrilled to bring these new security solutions to market with networking devices designed to transform the user experience with their new speed and connectivity features. It’s more than speed, as HomeShield makes the smart home safe by closing vulnerable security windows,” said Pingji Li, VP & GM of the TP-Link Networking BU.

    “Avira is honored to work with TP-Link to bring faster, more secure WiFi routers to market that are targeted for both consumers and ISPs. The connected world is moving faster than ever — and by combining our SafeThings technology with TP-Link’s router expertise, we can protect people more effectively,” said Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira.


    About TP-Link

    Founded in 1996, TP-Link is a global provider of reliable networking devices and accessories involved in all aspects of everyday life. The company is consistently ranked by analyst firm IDC as the No. 1 provider of WLAN and broadband CPE devices, supplying distribution to more than 170 countries and regions and serving billions of people worldwide.

    With a proven heritage of stability, performance, and value, TP-Link has curated a portfolio of products that meets the networking needs of all individuals. Now, as the connected lifestyle continues to evolve, the company is expanding today to exceed the demands of tomorrow. For more information about TP-Link visit


    About Avira

    Avira provides a consumer-focused portfolio of security and privacy solutions for Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS smartphones, home networks, and smart devices (IoT). All Avira features are available as licensed SDKs and APIs. Working together, Avira and its partners protect more than 500 million devices globally. Avira solutions consistently achieve best-in-class results from independent security tests. 

    Avira is a privately held company headquartered near Lake Constance, Germany, with additional offices in the EU, the United States, and Asia. For more information about Avira visit


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