Fixed the disconnection issue under Bridge with AP mode of TL-WA7510N

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Actualizado03-26-2021 09:43:36 AM 19119
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 Problem symptom:

Topology: internet---router---TL-WA7510N ((( Bridge with AP ))) TL-WA7510N---remote PC
When two 7510 are set into point-to-point connection under bridge with AP mode, a certain period of time later (a few hours or a few days), the remote clients which are connected to 7510N can’t be able to obtain an IP address and then lose the connection.

Solution: if the firmware of TL-WA7510N is older than TL-WA7510N_V1_121108 (published on 11/8/1012), please upgrade to the firmware TL-WA7510N_V1_121108 , then reconfigure it.

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