VIGI Provides a Professional and Efficient Video Surveillance & Network Connection Solution for Trigo Hotel KL in Malaysia.



Name: Trigo Hotel KL

Industry: Hospitality


  • Total: 148 Rooms 111
  • Car Park B1-B4
  • G Floor – Lobby, Sika Lounge + Restaurant
  • 1st Floor – Office, SPA
  • 2nd Floor – 3 Function Rooms & Kitchen
  • 3rd Floor – 12th Floor – Hotel Room

Location: Kual a Lumpur, Malaysia


Used Products

VIGI Network Cameras

VIGI C440 × 73

VIGI C340 × 15

VIGI Network Video Recorders

VIGI NVR1016H × 7

TP-Link Switches

TL-SL1226P x 4

TL-SL1218MP x 1



Located in Jalan Chow Kit, Trigo Hotel KL is a 3-4 Star hotel equipped with gym, health spa, and meeting rooms. It offers easy access to public transport, allowing consumers to reach some of the city's popular attractions, shopping malls, and train station conveniently. Trigo Hotel KL is dedicated to ensuring a pleasant stay for all guests. Top-notch service, convenient transportation access, and comfortable environment provided by Trigo Hotel KL make it the perfect choice for guests.



The security of guests and properties is of the highest priority to the hotel. However, the hotel usually has complicated personnel, which greatly increases the risks of safety issues, and the difficulty in tracing back. Therefore, Trigo Hotel KL sought a more reliable and intelligent video surveillance solution. At the same time, the hotel also wanted to give guests excellent internet connection experiences. In this context, TP-Link provided a custom solution thanks to its extensive experience in the surveillance and networking fields.



Surveillance Requirements


  • 24/7 crystal-clear and full-color video monitoring.
  • Support for indoor & outdoor surveillance without blind spots.
  • Flexibly adopted in both large and narrow areas.
  • VIGI cameras with 4MP offer more than enough pixels to pick up some of the more hard-to-see details. And the 24/7 full-color capability enables the cameras to capture more vivid images even in pitch-black conditions. Therefore, high-definition and colorful 24/7 video gives hotels protection all day and all night.
  • VIGI’s professional Smart Video Enhancement (SmartVid) technology greatly improves image quality, including WDR, 3D DNR, and Smart IR.
  • VIGI bullet and turret cameras are enough to cover outdoor and indoor scenarios. Moreover, the bullet cameras perform well in outdoor environments with rain and dust thanks to reliable IP66 weatherproofing.
  • Equipped with different fixed lenses, VIGI cameras are flexibly applied to monitor small areas where a wide view is required (elevators, corridors, offices, etc.), and large areas with narrow, long-distance views required (lobbies, parking lots, restaurants, etc.). So, every corner of the hotel is fully monitored.
  • Actively detect and deter various security issues.
  • Deliver real-time alarms to security guards for timely event handling.
  • VIGI cameras provide intelligent motion detection to ensure hotel safety efficiently. For example, when someone breaks into the protected areas, the VIGI cameras will notify security guards immediately, and warn intruders with instant on-site sounds and lights. As a result, security personnel can identify problems earlier, and minimize their impact.
  • Video footage must be stored for a long time to satisfy post-event retrieval needs.
  • Quick video playback.
  • High-definition video output and multi-channel live view
  • VIGI network video recorders support large storage disks (up to 10TB for each HDD). And VIGI cameras also support on-board storage with an SD card slot (up to 256GB).
  • Smart video coding (H.265+/H.264+) saves high-quality footage while taking up less space.
  • Quick lookup and playback enables security to locate target footage easily by date, event types, and tags. This will greatly reduce labor cost and increase event backtracking efficiency.
  • VIGI network video recorders offer 4K HDMI video output a 16-channel display, ensuring security guards capture every detail, from every angle.

Management & Deployment Requirements


  • Remote Monitoring
  • The dedicated VIGI Security Manger, VIGI app, and NVR UI enable remote monitoring, such as live view display, footage search & playback, alarm check, smart detection function set, and more. Personnel can take full control over hotel security—whenever, wherever.
  • Flexible installation and deployment with lower costs.
  • One stop solution for both VIGI security and Omada network.
  • VIGI bullet and turret cameras with compact design support quick installation, including ceiling mounting, wall mounting, and pole mounting.
  • Ethernet cables transmit data and power up VIGI PoE cameras in conjunction with TP-Link PoE switches for surveillance at the same time. This greatly lowers infrastructure costs and reduces possible fire or power surge hazards.
  • TP-Link PoE switches are fully compatible with PoE devices, such as IP cameras, and IP phones. They also work with non-PoE wired devices to provide gigabit connections, such as PCs and IPTVs.
  • With extend mode, the PoE switches enable transmission distance up to 250 m. This is perfect for IP Camera deployment in large areas, such as lobbies, parking lots, and restaurants.
  • Professional and efficient on-stop services, including site survey, customized solutions, product supply, product deployment, and support & warranty, provide hotels with peace of mind.

Network Connection Requirements


  • High-speed wired network for smooth HD video monitoring.
  • Featuring 2× gigabit RJ45 ports and 2× combo gigabit SFP ports, TP-Link switches ensure smooth streaming even when 15 or more HD IP cameras work simultaneously.

Other Requirements


  • High network security to ensure video data transmission security.
  • Isolation Mode effectively avoids snooping and tampering. This enables the switches to isolate broadcast storm, improving LAN security and data transmission.
  • Power overload prevention.
  • Intelligent power management ensures high-priority ports’ power supply, and automatically detects the required PoE power for your device and protects your non-PoE equipment from being damaged.



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