Range Extender Tether App Installation Guide (New Logo)

Step 1:  sign your device into the Default wireless of the Range Extender (default name will be an open network and have TP-link in its name)

Step 2:  Log into the Tether App and connect to desired device


Step 3:  Log in to the device using admin/admin

Step 4:  Device will begin scanning


Step 5:  Chose the 2.4GHz Band you want to configure *Note:  5GHz is only available on dual band range extenders


Step 6:  Select your home router 2.4GHz network

Step 7:  Input your home network password and click Join

Step 8:  Click Done

*Note if a single band Range Extender skip to Step 13

Step 9:  Select 5GHz


Step 10:  Select your home router 5GHz network

Step 11:  Input your home network password and click Join

Step 12:  Click Done

Step 13:  Click Next

Step 14:  Review the settings you made and If Valid click Next

Step 15:  Final Review screen, if good click Finish


Step 16:  Settings will apply installation will be completed

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to​ Download Center to download the manual of your product.

This Article Applies to:
RE580D , TL-WA854RE( V2 ) , RE350
Configuration Guide | Updated 12-19-2016 08:50:46 AM