VIGI Builds High-Performance Video Surveillance for Little Footprints Preschool in Singapore.



Name: Little Footprints Preschool

Industry: Education

Capacity: 60 Campuses

Location: Singapore


Used Products

VIGI Network Cameras

VIGI C300HP × 200

VIGI C400HP-2.8 × 450

VIGI Network Video Recorders

VIGI NVR1016H × 20

VIGI NVR1008H × 40

Gigabit Switches

TL-SL1226P × 40



Located in Singapore, Little Footprints Preschool is dedicated to providing high-quality childcare and early learning experiences at affordable rates. It has received Spark Accreditation by ECDA, which provides a greater assurance of the quality of the preschool for parents. Via an immersive bilingual environment, high community engagement, and multiple hands-on learning activities, children at Little Footprints Preschool will be ready to transit to primary school with confidence and the right skills.



Little Footprints Preschool is looking for a reliable and professional video surveillance solution, which integrates 24/7 high-quality video monitoring, practical playback, simple deployment, and centralized management all in one. In this case, VIGI offers customized surveillance solution to overcome challenges and satisfy their requirements.



Surveillance Requirements


  • 24/7 high-quality video monitoring with clear imaging.
  • Every corner in the preschool should be efficiently monitored with no blind spots.
  • VIGI cameras with 3MP offer more than enough pixels to pick up some of the more finer details. And the VIGI network video recorders support 4K HDMI video output and multi-channel live view to capture every detail, from every angle
  • Smart Video Enhancement (SmartVid) technology improves the image effects for various scenarios, including WDR, 3D DNR, and Smart IR.
  • VIGI bullet and turret cameras provide 24 hours of high-definition video monitoring for outdoor and indoor scenarios, respectively.
  • Equipped with different fixed lenses, the VIGI cameras are flexibly applied to monitor small areas with a wide view required (elevator, corridor, classroom, etc.), and large areas with a narrow, long-distance view required (playground, parking lot, entrances, etc.).
  • Detect various security events automatically, then push notifications to security guards immediately.
  • Quickly search out and locate target person or event to enhance the efficiency of post-event retrieval.
  • VIGI cameras will send real-time alarms to security guards once someone crosses a boundary, enters a preset area, or obstructs the camera. Security personnel can check feeds and take relevant action in time. Parents can rest assured of their children’s safety.
  • VIGI network video recorders support quick lookup and playback. Security can find the target footage easily by date, event type, and tags, which greatly reduces labor cost and improve search efficiency.
  • Video footage must be stored for a long time to satisfy post-event retrieval needs.
  • The VIGI network video recorder supports large storage disks (up to 10TB for each HDD).
  • Smart video coding (H.265+/H.264+) saves high-quality footage while taking up less space.

Management & Deployment Requirements


  • IT department is able to manage different branches from the HQ level.
  • The dedicated VIGI Security Manger, VIGI app, and NVR UI enable remote monitoring, such as live view display, footage search & playback, alarm check, and more. No matter when and where, IT department can realize centralized management of different branches easily.
  • Flexible installation and deployment with lower costs.
  • One-stop solution for both VIGI security and Omada networking.
  • VIGI bullet and turret cameras with compact design support quick installation, both on walls and ceilings.
  • Ethernet cables transmit data and power up VIGI PoE cameras in conjunction with TP-Link PoE switches for surveillance at the same time.
  • PoE switches offer flexible deployment for IP cameras, lowering infrastructure costs and reducing possible fire or power surge hazards.
  • With extend mode, PoE switches enable transmission distances up to 250 m —perfect for IP Camera deployment in large areas, such as playgrounds, parking lots, and entrances.
  • Both VIGI and Omada provide professional one-stop services, including site surveys, complete communications, product supply, and deployment.

Network Connection Requirements


  • High-speed wired network for smooth HD video monitoring.
  • Featured with 2× gigabit RJ45 ports and 2× combo gigabit SFP ports, TP-Link switches ensure smooth streaming even when 24× HD IP cameras work simultaneously.

Other Requirements


  • High network security to ensure video data transmission security.
  • Using Isolation Mode, TP-Link switches can easily divide traffic for ports 1–24 to avoid snooping and tampering. This enables the switch to isolate broadcast storm, improving LAN security and data transmission.
  • Power overload prevention.
  • Intelligent power management ensures high-priority ports’ power supply, and automatically detects the required PoE power for your device and protects your non-PoE equipment from being damaged.




Device Deployment

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