RE300 V1 User Guide

Chapter 1 Get to Know About Your Extender

This chapter introduces what the extender can do and its appearance.

It contains the following sections:

Product Overview


1. Product Overview

Bring Dead Zones Back to Life

Tired of Wi-Fi “dead zones”? The TP-Link extender is connected to your router wirelessly, strengthening its signal and expanding its coverage into areas that could not otherwise be reached.

Easy Installation & Quick Position

The extender works with any standard wireless router. Instantly connect the extender to a router by pressing the router’s WPS button (if available) followed by the extender’s WPS button. Alternatively, follow the Quick Setup instructions on the extender’s web management page.

Once the extender is connected to a router, you can relocate it to your preferred location with no further configuration required. The intelligent signal light can help to find the best location.

Easy Management with the TP-Link Tether App

Tether provides a simple, intuitive way to access and manage your extender with your smart devices.

2. Appearance

2.1. LED Explanation

You can check the extender’s working status by following the LED Explanation table.






The extender is on or off.


The system is starting up or firmware is being upgraded.


Solid white

The extender is connected to your router’s wireless network and is in a suitable location.

Solid red

The extender is experiencing poor signal strength. Try relocating it closer to your host router.


WPS connection is in progress.


No wireless connection is established.



The extender is connected or not connected to the 2.4GHz wireless network of your host router.



The extender is connected or not connected to the 5GHz wireless network of your host router.

2.2. Button Description




Press the WPS button on your host router, and immediately press this button on the extender for 1 second. The LED of the extender should change from blinking to solid on, indicating successful WPS connection.


Use a pin to press the button for 1 second to reset the extender.