Deco M5 V2 & V3 User Guide

About This Guide

This guide provides a brief introduction to Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System and the Deco app, as well as regulatory information.

Note: Features available in Deco may vary by model and software version. Deco availability may also vary by region or ISP. All images, steps, and descriptions in this guide are only examples and may not reflect your actual Deco experience.


In this guide, the following conventions are used:




Stands for Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System/Unit.


Hyperlinks are in teal and underlined. You can click to redirect to a website or a specific section.


Key information appears in teal, including management page text such as menus, items, buttons and so on.


Ignoring this type of note might result in a malfunction or damage to the device.


Indicates important information that helps you make better use of your device.

More Info

Specific product information can be found on the product page at

A community is provided for you to discuss our products at

Our Technical Support contact information can be found at the Help center of the Deco app and the Contact Technical Support page at

Speed/Coverage/Device Quantity Disclaimer

Maximum wireless transmission rates are the physical rates derived from

IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Range, coverage, and maximum

quantity of connected devices are based on test results under normal

usage conditions. Actual wireless data throughput. wireless coverage,

and quantity of connected devices are not guaranteed and will vary

as a result of 1) environmental factors, including building materials,

physical objects, and obstacles, 2) network conditions, including local

interference, volume and density of traffic, product location, network

complexity, and network overhead, and 3) client limitations, including

rated performance, location, connection quality, and client condition.

HomeCare Disclaimer

A basic TP-Link HomeCare™, powered by Trend Micro™, package is

included for 3 years from date of activation at no additional cost. It

includes Parental controls, Quality of Service, and Antivirus. Deactivation

of HomeCare™ will disable certain controls and protections. For a

complete list of HomeCare™ functions, go to

IoT Compatibility Disclaimer

IoT compatibility refers only to smart devices that can be controlled

via the Deco app. Other wireless devices can still connect to Deco for

normal Wi-Fi use.

Seamless Roaming Disclaimer

Clients need to support 802.11k/v/r and may require additional set up.

Performance may vary depending on the client device.