How to Access TP-Link Managed Switches via Console Port?

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You can connect your PC to the console port of a TP-Link Managed Switch with a console cable. Then you can use the CLI (Command Line Interface) to manage the switch.

Follow these steps to manage the switch via console port:

Step 1 Connecting the PC to the Switch

Connect your PC to the console port of the switch with a console cable as the following figure shows.

Step 2 Installing PuTTY on the PC

Go to the website to download PuTTY on the PC. Run the windows installer of the software and follow the prompts to install PuTTY.

Step 3 Launching PuTTY and Configuring the PuTTY Session

In the installation path, double click putty.exe to launch the software. Specify the connection type as Serial. Enter COM1 in the Serial line field. Enter the speed of the serial port. By default, the speed is 38400.

Step 4 Launching the CLI

Click Open to launch the CLI. Enter the username and password of the switch, then you can manage the switch via console port. For more information about how to manage the switch via CLI, please refer to the CLI Reference Guide for the corresponding product on our official website.

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