How to configure One-to-One NAT on Safestream routers using the old GUI

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One-to-One NAT (Network Address Translation) creates a relationship that maps valid public IP addresses to private IP addresses hidden by NAT. A device with a private IP address can be accessed at the corresponding valid public IP address.

For example: You have a WEB server (IP address: and a FTP server (IP address: in local network, owning a public IP address range of to assigned by ISP. is used as WAN IP address of the router, is used for WEB server and is used for FTP server. With One-to-One NAT, the servers with private IP addresses may be accessed at the corresponding valid public IP addresses.
NOTE: One-to-One NAT take effect only when the connection type of WAN is Static IP.
Step 1:
Click on Network ->WAN, select Static IP as Connection Type, fill in the information provided by ISP, in this example we use as WAN IP address.
Step 2:
Click on Save.
Step 3:
Click on Advanced ->NAT ->One-to-One NAT, enter Mapping IP Address, for example, is used for WEB server which has private IP address
Step 4:
Select Interface you are using and enable DMZ Forwarding.
Step 5:
Select Activate and click on Add.
Step 6:
Add other One-to-One NAT entries, and you can view information of the entries on the List of Rules.

After that, you can remote access WEB server and FTP server with the corresponding public IP addresses.


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