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"Omada", the Greek word for "team", perfectly captures TP-Link’s ambition in developing an integrated, software-defined network solution. Building on the success of the Auranet centralized management platform, the Omada Ecosystem incorporates Wi-Fi products, switches and security gateways among others, each fully controlled from a centralized management platform. Omada products work together as one to provide you with a network solution that matches the needs of your business.

Centralized Management
Take Control of Hundreds Omada Products at Once

Omada enables the network administrators to monitor and manage all the Omada products in the network with a centralized management platform. This allows for great wireless scalability and remote network management, saving time and no extra IT staff fee will be needed.

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Manage Anywhere, Any Time via the Cloud

Omada offers cloud access to its centralized management platforms, Omada Controller software or the Omada Hardware Controller, so you can take control of the network no matter where you find yourself.

Omada Hardware Controller Omada App

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